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CryptoFights battles its way to 28.6% share of BSV network actions

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FYX Gaming’s CryptoFights has fought its way to second-top place for number of actions on the BSV network. Since opening its beta to the general public, the game has become extremely popular, and is currently responsible for over a third of all actions performed on the blockchain.

According to, CryptoFights performed 53,014 actions on BSV in the past 24 hours, putting it in #3 spot behind second placer RUN token protocol and top placer RouterSV. Though still in its beta phase CryptoFights has become the most popular game on the BSV network as well.

For comparison, CryptoFights’ share of on-chain actions is equal to the next eight ranked projects combined:



Ranking Image

FYX has been conducting closed-beta tests for CryptoFights for over a year, but last week opened the competition to anyone. It also marked CryptoFights’ debut on the BSV mainnet, meaning the public were competing with real money for the first time.

You can find out more about CryptoFights and how to play it here. To join the public beta and fight, you’ll need to have an Android device that can download and run the app, with a recommended 4GB of RAM and 350MB of free storage space. FYX also says an iOS version is coming soon.

It was just a few weeks ago that FYX CEO Adam Kling and UX Lead Valeria Stoyanova fought the first test battles on the mainnet.

CryptoFights is a turn-based fantasy battle game where players deploy their characters in 1-1 combat against other players. Based on popular dice and tabletop fantasy games, it combines acquired skills and experience (both for players and their characters) to advance through the levels, and pay out ever-higher returns for winners.

It’s free to create a player/character and you can create as many as you like, but you’ll need some BSV to enter the arena and actually fight battles. There’s also a Marketplace where players can smelt, trade, sell, or auction items they’ve obtained in the games (an option to do this directly from the game is coming soon).

All game actions are recorded on-chain, allowing players to replay and analyze their moves. These records also provide a verifiable record of bugs and any attempts at cheating, keeping the game provably fair. The ability to keep these records is a groundbreaking move for FYX, who in the past have described cheating in online games (especially where real money is involved) as a major problem they’re looking to solve.

Don’t miss FYX CEO Adam Kling’s appearances at the CoinGeek Conference in Zurich. He’ll be joining a panel on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on BSV from 12:15 – 12:45 (Central European Time) on June 9, and another on “Casual Games & eSports on the Blockchain” at 13:30 – 14:10 (CET) the same day. On the Gaming panel he’ll be joined by Joe De Pinto of Haste, SatoPlay’s Gu Lu, and CTO of Esports Entertainment Group John Brackens.

If you haven’t yet registered for the conference’s virtual event, be sure to sign up here.

New to BTC? Check out CoinGeek’s BTC for Beginners section, the ultimate resource guide to learn more about BTC—as originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto—and blockchain.


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