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Medical giant CVS has registered a trademark for virtual reality

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CVS Health has applied for a trademark that will enable it to offer NFT and medical services in virtual and augmented reality.

CVS – Medical virtual services

Attorney Mike Kondoudis said that it is still difficult to estimate the company’s plan. The fact is that there are two ways to apply for trademark registration: 1A filing means actual use, when the company provides the government with proof of use of the trademark.

Another application “1B” indicates the intention to use the trademark in the future, but this does not necessarily mean that there are specific plans.

A CVS spokesman said:

As a leading healthcare solution company, we are constantly improving our multi-channel healthcare service to meet the needs of our customers where they want them.

We are also regularly looking for new and innovative ways to engage consumers with a digital and cutting-edge approach, which is why we recently applied for a trademark related to virtual medical services and other virtual goods and services.

CVS Health is the parent company of several well-known companies in the USA, including CVS Pharmacy and Aetna Insurance Company. Last year, CVS Health ranked fourth in the Fortune 500.

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