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Data theft in Bitcoin Suisse

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Like Bitcoin Suisse in one communication explains, an external hosting provider of the company from the Swiss crypto valley has become the victim of data theft. Accordingly, during the attack on a system that has not been used since 2018, “certain historical data managed by an external company” was disclosed. However, Bitcoin Suisse makes it clear that the security of customer assets is not compromised in any way.

Data theft: Taskforce investigates

Bitcoin Suisse’s main concern is the privacy of customers and the security of data and assets. The Swiss company explains to BTC-ECHO:

Immediately after the incident was discovered, Bitcoin Suisse took all necessary technical measures to prevent further incidents and data leaks. A task force was formed consisting of members of senior management and internal and external specialists. Potentially affected customers have been informed separately. The concrete effects of this incident are currently being analyzed together with the external hosting company.

A first assessment shows that it is a “limited amount of archived customer data (e.g. correspondence) from 2013 to early May 2018”. In order to avoid further incidents in the future, we work closely with cyber security experts and the responsible authorities. Upon request, Bitcoin Suisse confirms:

Customer assets and current customer data are unaffected by the attack on the external hosting company. Our existing IT systems are all operational and not affected either. We regret the incident and are working as part of the task force to ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

For reasons of investigation tactics, it is not possible to comment on further details at this point in time, according to BTC-ECHO.

Adoption driver since 2013

The model company from the Swiss crypto valley has been promoting crypto adoption since 2013. Thanks to a cooperation between Bitcoin Suisse and Wordline, thousands of Swiss traders can now receive payments with BTC and ETH.

In addition, the one located in Zug financial company the first crypto service provider in Switzerland to include payments via the Lightning network in its service portfolio. What’s more: If you are a private customer of the insurance group AXA, you can pay your bill with Sats thanks to Bitcoin Suisse.

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