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Divi Wallet: The Next Generation of Crypto Wallet

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Divi Wallet: The Next Generation of Crypto Wallet

Last month, BeInCrypto reviewed the Divi Project and its commitment to making crypto accessible to the masses. We explored how the design of Divi’s integrated financial ecosystem improves upon the offerings of centralized banking and delivers financial freedom to billions of unbanked people worldwide.

Today, we are revisiting the project to review its recently released mobile wallet. If you’re new to Divi and would like to get a good feel for its aims and ecosystem, you can read our early impression here.

Divi Digital Wallet

Divi has just released its next-generation mobile wallet. Representing an essential shift from run-of-the-mill to state-of-the-art, Divi’s feature-rich, user-friendly wallet presents a familiar experience that anyone can pick and use. The platform’s main objective is to offer an incredible experience to users of all experience levels – especially newcomers. From mobile masternodes branded ‘Divi Nodes’ to sending to people’s usernames, the entire crypto experience is stripped of complexity to deliver all of the benefits without the hassle. 

Multicoin and multicurrency

The wallet currently includes four cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, litecoin, and DIVI, with new and popular coins to be rapidly introduced. Updates to the app will also see fiat currencies, beginning with U.S. dollars and expanding to popular global currencies. With multiple coins and currencies, available users will be able to take advantage of the cutting-edge features and UX regardless of whether they hold DIVI or not.

Seamless Transactions

To make cryptocurrency easy, Divi has implemented a humanized protocol. Users who set up an account will associate a username, photo, email, and other details, to their wallet. This unique feature enables users to send and request money from verified profiles with personalized characteristics. Divi is not only attracting new users to the crypto space through great user experience, but they’re also reducing lost crypto by helping to eliminate user error. Gone are the days of long, complex, anonymous wallet addresses. 

Earn rewards

The Divi Wallet also offers ways for users to earn rewards by supporting their proof of stake network. Users can set up a Divi Node in minutes and earn up to 21.7% APY on their investment. The next release of the app will include Divi’s revolutionary Staking Vaults allowing participants to earn 27.7% APY all from their phone, without the 100,000DIVI required for the smallest node. Stakers also participate in the weekly “Lottery.” Every winning stake during the week represents a ticket to the lottery.  One grand winner wins a total of 252,000 DIVI and ten secondary prizes of 25,000 DIVI. Divi makes earning rewards for supporting proof of stake incredibly easy. 

Open Bank Accounts in Real-Time

Divi’s partnership with a soon-to-be-announced US financial institution will allow wallet users to take advantage of global banking services. From opening a US bank account from within the app in just a few minutes to ACH and wire transfers, the new Divi Wallet will be a one-stop shop for all your financial needs, both crypto, and fiat. The inclusion of these features will be rolled out throughout 2021, further removing the friction between banking and cryptocurrency. Divi wallet will include the ability to buy cryptocurrencies using your credit or debit card, swap between different fiat or cryptocurrencies. This seamless integration between the old world of finance and the new will usher in a new era of digital finance. 

Ridivi Integration

Divi’s acquisition of a Costa Rican fintech startup subsequently rebranded ‘Ridivi’ adds to the Digital Wallet’s practicality and use-cases. RiDivi gave the project a head-start, acquiring more than 10,000 customers from the newly acquired firm’s remittance business.

Among other perks, Ridivi’s integration into the Divi ecosystem paves the way for features such as real-time fiat to cryptocurrency conversions (and vice versa) without requiring a third party. Not only that, but Ridivi also enables the Divi Digital Wallet users to make IBAN transactions right from the app itself. RiDivi, combined with the US-based fintech partnership, provides unmatched flexibility and will be a significant selling point for the wallet. 

Final Thoughts

Divi has so far stuck to its ambitious roadmap of creating a multi-layered ecosystem to facilitate mass adoption. The milestones outlined on their roadmap look promising, and we’re looking forward to the team delivering on their vision.  When Divi executes on these high-value concepts, it could very well emerge as a significant player in the cryptocurrency space. 

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