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Donald Trump wants to become crypto president

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The election campaign for the office of US President is entering its hot phase. Both candidates are now using any means possible to appeal to new voters. Donald Trump has once again emphasized his positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

Donald Trump wants to become crypto president

The venue was a fundraising gala in San Francisco. There, the Republican presidential candidate, former US President Donald Trump, once again emphasized that he is open to the crypto industry.

Immediate end to the crypto crusade against the industry

He will immediately end the crusades that the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and US President Biden are waging against cryptocurrencies. As if that weren’t enough, Trump emphasized that he wants to become “crypto president.”

Donald Trump: 12 million dollars in donations collected

The event was attended by several key industry leaders, including the Winklevoss twins, Coinbase executives, and numerous investors. The event was hosted by technology investors and proved to be a great success.

Donald Trump raised $12 million in donations for his 2024 presidential campaign. However, he did not provide details about his crypto strategy; Trump limited himself to praising the innovative power of cryptocurrencies.

Investors complain about overregulation

The location of the fundraising event is surprising at first glance, as Silicon Valley is not exactly Trump-friendly. But the numerous regulations in the industry have caused some investors to switch sides. They complain about over-regulation by the Biden administration.


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