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Don’t Lose a Crypto Transaction Again with the Ultimate Solution—SamePay

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SamePay is helping to revolutionize the digital payments landscape and make them easy for everyone to understand with its simple payment and wallet app. This easy to user interface gives normal people full control of their crypto transactions with a range of solutions at their fingertips and none of the headaches.

SamePay completely simplifies how everyone sends, receives, and buys cryptocurrencies. And with simple wallet addresses, makes it much easier to complete transactions and never send them to the wrong person.

How complicated wallets cost people money

Harold has been put off using crypto for transactions, bigtime. He tried to buy something with BTC a few years back, but the whole wallet situation was confusing. While he double and triple-checked he’d entered the right address of the recipient, he made one small typo. That typo cost him the whole transaction. To this day, he doesn’t know if someone else received that BTC or if it simply vanished into the universe. That’s a major problem when sending cryptocurrencies. Thankfully, it was only a few dollars worth of BTC, but others have made mistakes that cost them millions.

Peter has also been put off of crypto because of complicated wallets. He bought a few XRP a while back and thought he’d store them in a hardware wallet for extra peace of mind. After all, he’d seen what had happened to MtGox and didn’t want to leave them in an exchange. The only problem was, Peter does not remember his wallet address AND the hardware wallet was not handy as he was traveling. Now he feels unsafe until he can finally get his XRP to his wallet. 

SamePay makes it easy to make quick and secure payments

If any of these two instances sound familiar, you’re not alone. The internet is littered with stories like these. But SamePay is here to help. With its easy-to-use app built and integrated with the Samecoin protocol at its heart, SamePay makes it easy and friendly to send payments and transfer a range of cryptocurrencies.

With simple SameID usernames, people can send a range of currencies with just a few simple clicks. Never lose your login information and never send it to incorrect wallets, with SamePay. It’s also quick and easy to add friends and secure future payments.

Logging in is fast and simple, and SamePay safeguards all transactions with an authentication process that’s both quick and secure. That’s why users of SamePay never miss a transaction, and can have complete peace of mind when it comes to transferring crypto in the future.

SamePay also makes it easy for people who don’t fully understand how DeFi works but still want to reap the rewards. By being integrated with the wider Samecoin ecosystem, users can stake Samecoin or SameUSD and get returns, as well as votes on governance and reduced fees when using the app.

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