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Early ETH designer to host DeFi Whiteboarding Weekend in the Bay Area

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The Bay Area will be host to a new event, Defi Discussions Whiteboarding Weekend, focused on whiteboarding with “some of the brightest folks in the Bay Area DeFi scene”. The event is being organized by Ric Burton, an early ETH designer, and will run the weekend of June 5th.

The event, estimated to have a hundred attend in person, will also have an online option but there is a lot of excitement about being able to meet people in real life.

Burton told CryptoSlate:

“What’s interesting is that people who would normally be totally focused on work are now coming out of their shells to socialise.”

The hope is that this can bring new energy to the community. BTC 2021, another major crypto event headlined by speakers like Jack Dorsey and Ron Paul, will also occur in-person in Miami.

Whiteboarding offers a unique experience for attendees

The Defi Discussions Whiteboarding Weekend is not following a speaker-centric format common to tech conferences. Instead, the goal is to bring together people from the DeFi community to build ideas together.

Burton explained:

“The goal is to create a comfortable environment for people to whiteboard and share their ideas with others. It isn’t about slick presentations. It is more about sharing. What we have learned in person and trying to include the online community.”

Burton believes that the format is unique because “you get to see how the person’s brain actually works instead of a slick and rehearsed presentation.” To kick off the whiteboarding, the event is bringing DeFi founders, operators, engineers, and others to share their thoughts on the “squeaky canvas”.

Some of these speakers include Varun Kumar of the Hashflow Network, former Bitski security engineer Jenn Kalidoss, the team from Futureswap, and Opyn’s Alexis Gauba. The guests have experience building DeFi projects and will be covering topics like starting with DeFi, politics and protocols, and shipping smart contracts.

The event expects to host hundreds of attendees over two days

While the event hopes to highlight the in-person option, Burton expects hundreds more to join online. This should create a unique opportunity for those new to DeFi or not in the Bay Area to participate. The event will run for 4 hours each day on June 5th-6th and should be exciting. Those who want to attend can register at the event’s website.

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