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EBay Will Accept BTC Payments Reveals CEO

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EBay, one of the largest e-commerce portals in the world, will start accepting payments with BTC and cryptocurrencies, according to the company’s CEO, Jamie Iannone.

EBay Will Accept BTC

So, according to Iannone, accepting cryptocurrencies as payment is a natural move for EBay.

“We are just completing our transition to managing payments, where we now manage $85 billion in volume directly on our platform. This gives us the ability to open up new forms of payment,” he said.

Thus, the CEO of EBay stated that Gen Z is a priority target for his platform and that this generation is favorable to cryptocurrency payments.

The businessman also highlighted the different initiatives taken by eBay to attract this generation of consumers.

“We opened up Google Pay and Apple Pay. We have a partnership with Afterpay in Australia, which is a platform that appeals to Gen Z, and which is a buy now pay later platform. And so we continue to evaluate other forms of payment that we should adopt on the platform”, he revealed.

Thus, according to the executive, on March 10 the company should make an official announcement about cryptocurrencies.

“We are not currently accepting cryptocurrencies. But on March 10th, we’re going to delve into all these things, payments, advertising, our focus categories.”

Thus, he added that he observed that transactions related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were taking place on eBay while the company had not made any specific announcements.

“We changed our policies last year so you could trade NFT on the platform and essentially, you know, eBay is a place where people have something to sell and people want to buy it. So even without announcing anything or doing anything, people started trading NFT on one platform,” Iannone said.

Thus, he stated that eBay will be the place where people will trade goods, whether physical or digital.

“So over time, you know, we want this to be the market for sustainability,” he announced, probably questioning the acceptance of BTC because of its carbon footprint.

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