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Entering the Bharat Krymo’s Musee d’Art Brings NFTs to life

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Stepping into the metaverse created to display Bharat Krymo’s collection is a magical experience unfolding one layer at a time, from darkness into light. 

Featuring 50 of this collector’s most revered NFTs, the visual display showcases this collector’s eclectic taste but also highlights the scale of diversity in the art produced by the NFT community. 

The perfect mix of virtual and reality, in some ways the gallery created, seems so familiar that you are immediately comfortable with your surroundings. However, the 3D dimensions provide that amplified component that brings a layer of intrigue that in turn leads to a surge in adrenaline. What can we not see? What art is behind my line of sight? What NFT is hidden around the next corner? It is this depth that leaves the visitor wanting more. 

Upon entering you are immediately greeted by two large textured NFT’s known as AI Generated Nude Portrait #7, Frame #206, and Frame #269. These are two pieces that set the scene for the collector’s taste and knowledge of the NFT world.

Entering the Bharat Krymo’s Musee d’Art Brings NFTs to life
Image: Bharat Krymo’s Musee d’Art.

Both pieces are part of a groundbreaking series by Robbie Barrat where he trained a machine to portray nude figures using original nudes as a reference. The outcome was far from what anybody could have imagined.

The machine developed its own interpretation of what the body looks like. On either side of these thought-provoking pieces are Snofro #5055 and Chromie Squiggle #1221, two trance-provoking works that allow for a little hypnosis and escape from our thought sequences. It is clear from the onset that the gallery has been carefully curated to enhance the visitor experience. 

As you walk through to the middle area the art starts to come alive. With animated pieces, vivid colors, and subtle movements, these pieces are entertaining from the outset. The amount of detail is a little difficult to breathe in all at once but the time these artists have invested in creating their NFT’s is undeniable. The depth and detail in ‘Loves Revelation’ and ‘The Astral Colosseum’ left me yearning for more.

Entering the Bharat Krymo’s Musee d’Art Brings NFTs to life

Finally, you reached what can only be described as an auditorium or main stage. A room with skylights to let the sun in, this virtual space entices the visitor to stay longer. This is where everyone is hanging out.

The size of the room, the wide-open spaces to walk through is purposely designed to match the required time needed to observe the sheer number of NFT’s on display and admire them in all their greatness. The curator ensures that his FEWOCIOUS takes center stage but also houses hidden gems like Minotaur. The breadth of subjects, objects, and emotions on display in this room is impressive. 

This isn’t a one-off visitor experience. Like a MOMA or any Picasso museum, if you are a fan of visual art you will return. I hope to find some of the same, some new, and the same eclectic mix that should set the bar for collectors and inspire artists alike. Congratulations to Cyber on the UX experience here too. I leave you with a final question for NFT collectors. How will you display yours?

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