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ENVOY: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain & Artists

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ENVOY: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain & Artists

ENVOY was established in early 2021 as a result of a growing need for innovation in the NFT space.

The $ENVOY token is the basis of the ENVOY ecosystem. The standardized artist collaboration process, the ENVOY VAULT reward system, and how ENVOY brings a community of artists together with their fans is all covered in this overview of ENVOY.

ENVOY creates a place where NFTs can be used in conjunction with real-world incentives to establish “A new era in collectibles” as well as a one-of-a-kind artistic community.

ENVOY Makes the NFT World Better for Everyone

By adapting to the constant evolution in the current NFT market, the development team at ENVOY discovered that there was a large gap in NFT platforms.

The NFT market needs pros that can service creators in order to generate, promote as well as manage a NFT network.

For this reason, ENVOY opted to create a new NFT brand with the objectives of generating innovative projects, boosting community NFTs as well as offering a generous rewards system for both fans and collectors.

A Great Team Focused on NFTs

ENVOY is a team with impressive skill sets which allows its constant development of new ideas in the NFT space.

Bram Verstraeten – ENVOY CEO who had handled multimillion dollar projects for global organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Engie and more, has put his focus on the new platform.

Another talented team member is Alexander Strobbe – ENVOY CPO who is an entrepreneurial digital innovator.

He has a comprehensive knowledge of full stack development, product design and strategy that were obtained via his previous employment with leading firms like Marriott, Pannasonic, Victoria’s Secret and others/

In addition, Perry van de Mosselaar who is in charge of partnerships with ENVOY has connections with A-list celebrities that he acquired in his previous role as CEO of Smash The House – a significant independent electronic music brand.

With strong cooperation, the team’s key goal is to boost ENVOY’s recognition as a NFTs community that has a high profile on social media and is able to increase NFT sales for community growth.

Since it was established, ENVOY has marked achievements like the official launch of its network in August 2021 and successful fundraising of $2.5M USD in a private fundraising round.

ENVOY: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain & Artists

The ENVOY Value Proposition

ENVOY develops NFT initiatives for its clients, either from the bottom-up or in partnership with artists or personalities.

These projects aim to earn money from sales and royalties. The network delivers a robust model for B2B partners or their clients who discover and purchase NFTs.

As far as the B2C model, customers learn about ENVOY’s offers, browse the product range, join the community, share and invite others, and then buy,collect or earn NFTs. These tokens are freely traded on the internet. They can rise in value as well.

Furthermore, ENVOY’s users are allowed to buy and hold tokens, mine pearls and use these pearls as a tool to unlock and earn into the ENVOY NFT Vault.

As a result, ENVOY reinforces its core objective in terms of generating and boosting community NFTs via this system.

Numerous Ways to Connect

In contrast to its B2C model, ENVOY’s B2B model is more straightforward and works via collaborating with prominent artists to create NFTs under the ENVOY Network brand, then concentrating on curating, marketing, and selling items to the public.

Particularly, to boost the efficiency in partnerships, the firm works with a wide range of art/performance industries.

NFTs have a huge allure to music, events, movies and the gaming industries. Generating NFTs is simple with this platform as a partner.

Importantly, another component of the value proposition for B2B clients is the legal framework and services covering their NFTs’ rights and ownership, guaranteeing the maintenance and preservation for clients’ rights and property.

To demonstrate and prove these models to both ENVOY’ s users and partners, various projects have been developed and carried out by the firm as a proof of concept and its ability to deliver.

One of the most noticeable projects is community created comics NFT based on an authentication and voting system to enhance users’ trust.

In addition, the platform uses NFT authentication to rent digital and decentralized billboards as an advertising spot that will be broadcast over the world on the network.

Brand recognition within NFTs community would benefit from this exposure, and NFTs as a whole will become more noteworthy as a result.


$ENVOY is the native token of the platform.

The $ENVOY token allows users to get more involved in the community.

It has features like: staking and farming with the rewards given in Pearls, governance voting, exclusive access, decrease for transaction fees, buyback and burn, airdrops as well as the possibility to gain real-life benefits like merchandise.

The ENVOY VAULT tool is designed to aid in the development of community activity and buzz. Pearls will be awarded to members that own and farm $ENVOY.

These Pearls are used to get access to VAULTS, which are stocked with a range of unique gifts in the form of NFTs by the team.

Importantly, members of the community must join forces with enough Pearls to unlock a VAULT, which will comprise NFTs of varying Tier levels.

Noticeably, to be eligible and receive these amazing perks from the VAULT reward program, there are several critical steps that users must first join the VAULT platform.

Joining the ENVOY Telegram community as well as following on social media networks like Twitter and Instagram will help users to gain access to the program.

Other Key Features

With its aggregation feature, ENVOY will offer its NFTs through cross-network channels, and then broaden the platform’s reach through its social media platform via focusing on community and cross-platform cooperation.

On the site, creators and fans will be able to meet, purchase and trade, and develop a powerful global community which indicates the main purpose of this feature in terms of expanding an on/off ramp for fiat users

ENVOY also provides an expert legal framework to prevent problems and complications due to the complex legal nature of crypto, tokens, and NFTs, among other things through its Legal Structure feature.

In specific, the offered services with this function include strict agreements with third parties, availability of fiat on/off ramp, liability coverage as well as legal contracting and guarantee for IP protection.

ENVOY’s relationships follow a high-quality, standardized procedure to offer the greatest possible experience for artists.

It uses a standardized partnership process which includes three main stages of development operating between 4 and 10 weeks, and works hard to make results happen for hard working artists.

More to Come From ENVOY

ENVOY has proved its uniqueness among other NFTs world and created a platform that will appeal to NFT projects in the art, film and music sectors

Significantly, ENVOY may be preferred by users because it is a community-driven platform with a unique NFT experience. It also delivers the opportunity for users to meet their favorite musicians while earning massive perks offered by the platform.

NFTs are a rising asset class – and while they are new, they have become a massive success in a very short amount of time. To learn more about how ENVOY is improving the NFT ecosystem, just click here to visit its website.

If you want to keep up with every new development at ENVOY you can follow the platform on Twitter!

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