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ETH mining pool cancels service for its miners in Russia

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The cryptocurrency industry has also started retaliation against Russia as a way of protesting Vladimir Putin’s ordered invasion of Ukraine. As a consequence of the armed conflict, an ETH mining pool canceled its service for customers with a Russian IP address.

“We are terminating service for all Russian IP addresses and paying outstanding balances,” reads a statement from ETH mining pool Flexpool.

According to Mining Pool Stats, the pool is currently the fifth largest block processor on the ETH blockchain. In a statement, they stressed that the action is a direct response to Russians who must protest their country’s irresponsible action.

Flexpool canceled its services for Russians

Flexpool’s announcement came after Russia began bombing several cities in Ukraine on Thursday. The measure was questioned and denounced around the world by institutions, governments and individuals.

“This is not about politics. It’s about preventing the end of the world and saving lives. Companies and individuals must put the planet before profit in the modern age. Ukraine has four nuclear power plants. Even ignoring the possibility of a Third World War, there is the possibility of another Chernobyl if one of the plants is in danger.”

In addition, the mining pool asked other actors in the ecosystem to join the protests against the attacks that Russia is carrying out on Ukrainian territory and apologize for a measure that can be considered unilateral.

“We generally don’t get involved in politics, despite our personal opinions as a company. However, this is bigger than politics, bigger than anyone. This is a war that could end the world.”

With the closure of Flexpool, miners based in Russia will be able to continue mining once connections to other mining pools are established.

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