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Flirting Tips For Men – How to Win the Ultimate Poker Game

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It may seem odd to link flirting tips for men (something very few men understand) to poker playing (something quite a few men understand). But there are direct parallels between the two pastimes which will help you improve your flirting “game” immensely.

Maybe you play poker with your friends now and then. But even if you don’t, you probably know the following basics:

Q: Do each of you show all your cards before betting?

A: No way! That would take all of the fun out of it, as well as the profit. Suspense is a key part of the enjoyment (and profit) of poker!

Q: Do you modify your facial expressions to mislead the other players as to what cards you actually have?

A: Absolutely. That’s so much a part of the game that there’s even a name for it: “poker face.”

Q: Do you feel any guilt over this shameless manipulation of your fellow players?

A: Certainly not. In fact, do an especially skillful job of fooling them and you’ll earn added respect.

The dishonesty in poker doesn’t anger the other players because that’s how the game is played. It would actually irritate most players if the others didn’t compete vigorously by taking every advantage possible.

Think of it this way: like any other competitive endeavor, it would get very boring very quickly if one side is extremely good at the game and the other side is dismal at it. The good games are the ones in which the competitors are quite closely matched.

For example, from a female standpoint, flirting and dating isn’t about sex … women can get sex just by showing up and not saying “No.” What keeps dating interesting for women is the same thing that keeps poker interesting for you:

  • Skilled opponents
  • Complex strategies
  • Some drama
  • Some uncertainty
  • The element of luck

Being totally forthright and honest with the women you meet is as much fun for them as it would be for your poker buddies to show you their hands each time they drew a card. You’d get disgusted, and perhaps even downright hostile, that they were ruining the sport for you.

Even though you might win almost every hand that way … you’d quickly lose interest in playing with them (unless there’s money changing hands, of course). But even then, you’d be bored stiff and looking for more thrilling hobbies other than your newfound, suddenly-boring “job”.

So take the same attitude toward flirting as you would a poker match. Use the same tactics you’d use to outwit your opponents and win the game:

  • Use strategy
  • Be intriguing
  • Switch gears every so often to keep them off-balance
  • Toss in a bit of drama now and then, and
  • Take a few liberties with the truth

In other words, be a worthy opponent. Don’t roll over and make it easy, because what works for poker works for flirting with women.

And even better: what makes the game interesting to women keeps them looking forward to the next “rematch.” In fact, you’d be amazed at what women will do to hold and keep the attention of men they find intriguing.

Why not start improving your “game” today? It’s only one of many flirting tips for men you can begin using immediately.

Mack Doppler

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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