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Forex Joe Atkins – His Sports Betting System and His Forex Trading System

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Joe Atkins a.k.a Forex Joe is a fx trading legend. In the recent forex masterminds summit, he was one of the main speakers. Who is Forex Joe? Joe Atkins, a 30 years Texan sports bettor or you can even call him a sports betting scientist is infact Forex Joe.

Over the years, he had developed highly sophisticated mathematical formulas, probability algorithms and statistical analysis programs that he had used to beat the spread in just about any sports betting venue. He had a sports betting advisory service plus a radio show. He made a fortune in sports betting using his proprietary formulas.

In 2001, he discovered the world of forex. He was amazed to discover a certain mathematical flaw in the forex market. He exploited this mathematical flaw to the fullest and made a fortune. What he had done is tweaked his proprietary sports betting formulas and applied them to FX. Lo and behold, he was amazed and astonished to find how well his formulas worked in the forex market as well.

A few years back, Forex Joe teamed up with two other guys who are software development professionals and turned his mathematical formulas into a forex software. This fx software predicts the turning points in the currency market with amazing accuracy. Today, Forex Joe is a legend amongst the forex trading community.

What he says is that he is going to make many millionaires in this decade by helping other people master his forex trading system. His forex system is indeed unique in the sense that he uses certain Bias and Key Levels that he had developed as a sports bettor than tweaked them and applied them highly successfully in predicting the turning points in the currency market with laser sharp accuracy.

Forex Joe claims that forex is all number and after showing seven highly successful years of forex trading, we should agree with him. He is ready to teach his forex trading system to anyone who is willing to learn fx. You too can learn forex trading from him. Forex Joe says that you can try his forex trading program risk free for 60 days.

Now, if you are really interested in learning forex trading than this is your risk free chance of doing so from a forex trading legend who knows what he says. Learn fx trading from a legend risk free! Forex Joe is indeed one of the best trading mentors and coaches!

Ahmad A Hassam

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