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Fork of Pancake Bunny on Polygon –

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Fork of Pancake Bunny on Polygon –

At first, all DeFi protocols were running on the ETH blockchain. Millions of transactions and hundreds of projects have overloaded the network, giving developers a difficult task for years. In a result more centralized, and therefore fast, Binance Smart Chain network arose and “add-ons” appeared on the ETH blockchain: layer 1 and layer 2 solutions, for example, Polygon (MATIC). 

A year ago, farmings, landing protocols and DEXs appeared on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The young and promising blockchain was attracting more and more liquidity. Then the Polygon (MATIC) network entered the scene.

Many protocols, especially farming, have switched to a new network, which is much more convenient and cheaper than the parent ETH and centralized BSC.

Everyone knows PancakeSwap and Pancake Bunny. Users of these services earn thousands of percent for yield farming on BSC. Over the year, network fees have grown and many are thinking about the Layer-2 solutions prospects. AAVE is one of such protocols.

TVL of this project reached $1 billion in ten days after the launch of the version of AAVE on Polygon. The popular DEX SushiSwap has also integrated the Polygon network along with many other blockchains.

QuickSwap DEX is an authentic project that focuses exclusively on Polygon. Another basic Polygon protocol is, which works similarly to Pancake Bunny, but on a new network with instant transactions and less gas fees.

QuickDuck is the new Polygon Network Revenue Aggregator (MATIC). The project has implemented the best mechanisms of the largest farming protocols: Pancake Bunny, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, Uniswap.

QuickDuck offers users the chance to earn thousands of percent of farming with compounding strategies in 100 QuickSwap pools. After Farming launch on May 12, 2021 between five and ten pools will be available, then their amount will gradually increase. Another great feature of the project is the complete lack of unsecured tokens in the model. The initial platform balances are created from the personal team funds.

QuickDuck’s unique tokenomics allow random farmers all extra profit from red-hot first pools. An honest financial model for farmers is lying under whole economic strategy:

  • No pre-sale: fair start
  • No pre-mine: only primary liquidity in LP and Airdrop
  • No deposit commissions *
  • No withdrawal commission *

* premine only for primary liquidity and AirDrop

*Early withdrawal commission of 0.5% is charged within 72 hours. It is a protective measure against liquidity outflow

For more information on QuickDuck visit

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