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Franklin Templeton, $ 1.5 trillion investment firm seeks crypto experts

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Franklin Templeton is looking for crypto analysts. The company manages a whopping $ 1.5 trillion.

With assets under management of above The US investment company, Franklin Templeton Investments, is one of the big players in the financial market. If you are currently inquiring on the company’s career page under the keyword “crypto”, Franklin Templeton is currently looking for analysts for cryptocurrencies as well as traders. Both refer to US company locations in San Mateo, California.

Franklin Templeton, $ 1.5 trillion investment firm seeks crypto experts

“Growing investment team in crypto asset management at Franklin Templeton”

Further research on the position offered by the “Research Analyst” reveals exactly what Franklin Templeton is doing intends:

We are looking for a cryptocurrency investment research analyst to provide research for the largest, most liquid listed and tradable crypto assets (e.g., BTC, ETH and so on). (…) The analyst is expected to help develop and manage new products in the field of crypto assets. The analyst will have a great opportunity to be part of a growing investment team in Franklin Templeton’s crypto asset management team.

Analysts interested in this job should, among other things, have a passion for blockchain protocols and / or cryptocurrencies. Someone who finds the crypto trade position exciting should have knowledge of derivatives and futures trading. It is therefore not yet clear whether the investment company will trade in BTC / ETH itself. Indirect participation is also conceivable, in which the company trades mining companies or derivatives on BTC.

Good omen for the scene

Also in August, BTC-ECHO reported that the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, had bought shares in BTC mining companies on a large scale. In August, that was Marathon Digital and Riot Blockchain. And asset manager Fidelity is also cutting a piece of the crypto pie and investing US $ 20 million in shares in Marathon Digital.

Retail giant Walmart caused a sensation among crypto investors as early as mid-August. Because Walmart was looking for a “head for digital currencies / crypto currencies”. This news fueled rumors that Walmart might not be about to accept BTC. Meanwhile, the group has been carrying out tracking tests on the blockchain since 2016. The shipping giant Amazon was also looking for a new employee in a similar job advertisement in July. Here, too, the rumors really heated up the crypto community.

The fact that, in addition to the above-mentioned asset managers, Franklin Templeton is now also expanding its involvement in the crypto space is not surprising: It shows a growing institutional interest in and the potential of the crypto market.

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