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Gamefly Video Game Rentals Online – How Gamefly Works

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Most of us have heard about Gamefly before. Many video game-lovers may have also been tempted to sign up for Gamefly video game rentals online before. But what is Gamefly exactly? Is it really worth the cost? Read on to find out what Gamefly does and how Gamefly works.

First thing first: So, what is Gamefly?

Gamefly video game rentals online is like the Blockbuster of console games. Rent games, then return them, or you have the option of buying the games at a discounted price. With over 7,000 gaming titles for all the major consoles, you are sure to always find a game you’d like to try out. You may sign up for Gamefly video game rentals online in order to avoid paying high rental costs by shopping at your local store. You can also save money by trying out video games to see if you’ll like them before you commit to buy.

We now know what Gamefly does, so let’s take a look into how Gamefly works:

We’ve already compared Gamefly to Blockbuster; Now we are going to compare to Netflix. If you have ever had any experience with Netflix, you already know how it works. As you do in for movies with Netflix, you simply add game titles you’re interested in to your “Queue,” wait 1-2 days and your games will be mailed to you. You can then play them for as long as you like, then send them back in the pre-paid envelope provided. Once Gamefly receives the game, they will send you a new game title to try. You can choose games from PS2, PSP and PS3, XBOX and XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, DS, GameCube, and GameBoy Advance.

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