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GetBlock Gives Developers Access to Numerous Blockchain Nodes

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In 2021, blockchain-based computations are neither a geeks’ toy nor corporate giants’ unfair advantage. Now, almost every digital entrepreneur can move their business operations to distributed ledgers even with zero IT skills. With GetBlock, decentralization ceases to be a privilege for the few.

Blockchain for Everyone: GetBlock transforms nodes accessibility

GetBlock is a multinational startup that addresses the segment of ‘plug-and-play’ nodes services. In a nutshell, it connects businesses and communities to blockchains assuming the entirety of technical heavy lifting.

GetBlock Gives Developers Access to Numerous Blockchain Nodes

Being a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, GetBlock provides its customers with access to the blockchains via API instruments. All on-chain information can be received through JSON-RPC, REST, and WebSockets methods.

GetBlock services are a must for decentralized exchanges, wallets, blockchain-based data storage and information systems, tokenized community programs, and so on. Its pricing depends on the number of requests (interactions with blockchain data) booked by customers.

Prices start from $6 for 500,000 requests while 40,000 requests in 24 hours are available for free. GetBlock also delivers unlimited and custom plans.

Unique gateway to over 40 blockchains

GetBlock user interface is intuitive even for the newbies of the decentralization segment. In a couple of clicks, the user can connect their application to the nodes of the preferred blockchain with no need to purchase, customize, update, and maintain node hardware and software.

GetBlock Gives Developers Access to Numerous Blockchain Nodes

GetBlock provides the connection to over 40 blockchains including BTC and XRP, leading smart contract environments like ETH, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, and more. Eccentric blockchain-based experiments like BTC-like programmable chain RSK, and even volunteer-driven blockchains like Verge and Groestlcoin.

GetBlock offers shared and dedicated node connections. Its team developed a number of solutions tailored for sophisticated users interested in running their decentralized exchange or NFT marketplace on a “native” node.

They are also working on new features to be implemented shortly: a snapshot to be used for running the Binance Smart Chain node as well as raw blockchain data used while working with a dedicated server for the required node.

With GetBlock, decentralized applications are connected to preferred nodes with up to 99% availability. As a result, hosting providers, law enforcement agencies, and competitors won’t be able to ruin the business of GetBlock clients. GetBlock stack of solutions lowers the entry barriers to the amazing world of decentralization.

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