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hi is a Non-Profit Here to Make DeFi Easy for Everyone

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hi is a Non-Profit Here to Make DeFi Easy for Everyone

A new DeFi services business model can be drawn from banks, credit unions, and long-term customers of existing fiat banks. Millennials and GenXers are searching for new kinds of financial services – and hi’s answer is here.

The crew at hi was fed up with witnessing consumers struggle to access affordable services as banks raked in historic profits.

The group made the decision to take action and provide critical financial services to the community in a way that benefits all members while not robbing them of their assets through fees.

With Multi-Currency Interest Accounts, hi also offers up to 20% annual returns on a number of currencies. It is already available on your phone – and can be accessed via Telegram or Whatsapp.

For anyone who wants to know more and find upcoming information about this awesome platform, they should not miss hi’s TGE in the beginning of August and its going live on DEXs on the 8th of August.

Using cryptocurrency as a core element for the business model, a collection of entrepreneurs and former leaders from large companies such as,, and Alibaba formed the company in January 2021.

hi is a Non-Profit Here to Make DeFi Easy for Everyone

hi Has Innovative Ideas

Not every cryptocurrency project aims for generating profits. Some of them work to create better community driven development and hi is an example of this type of project. hi is a non-profit financial services platform that prides itself on concentrating on people rather than money.

While it operated with several objectives, its key goal is facilitating financial services without consideration for possible problems such as location. It allows access to essential financial operations that are conducted using common technology such as texting/chat.

Today, users can access the platform via Telegram or Whatsapp.

Because hi was created in January 2021, there is not much of a history for it, but the team members’ backgrounds provide crucial context for the work that led to its establishment.

hi is a Non-Profit Here to Make DeFi Easy for Everyone

Stefan Rust is one of the Co-founder of the company who is an expert in transforming cutting-edge technology into marketable products and services. He is also known as the most recent CEO of one of the most well-known crypto platforms –

Another hi Co-founder is Sean Rach who has shown incredible knowledge and experience within business administration. He has been the driving force behind the creation of various cutting-edge digital platforms.

In addition, Sean was also the founding CMO of

hi was announced on July 2, 2021, with the promise that in less than two months of private beta testing, it has gathered 250,000 users from 130 countries.

The team has a strong belief that everyone has the right to use and manage their financial manners, this leads to the purpose for financial services infrastructure developed and managed as a public good in order to promote financial inclusion.

hi has harvested many key achievements on the journey to reach their core objectives.

To emphasize their expansion toward the crypto world, the firm has obtained a number of well-known institutional investors while achieving a significantly increased number up to several million through pre-sale events.

The number of hi’s members keeps growing since the launch of private beta on 10 May 2021 which has tracked constantly on

To achieve a further development in the future, hi’s objectives include three main goals which are raising brand recognition in order to spread globally, attracting new memberships as well as encouraging the purchase of hi Dollars.

hi Creates Value for Clients

hi’s key value propositions are described in three main pillars which are Trust, Member Powered and User Experience.

The cryptocurrency world is complex and has been plagued by numerous scams in the field. This affects not only users’ trust but also the developers credibility within the industry.

By recognizing this vital aspect, hi provides a compliance-focused architecture that allows novel features like a chat-based, borderless, crypto-enabled system to be developed.

Due to operating on the not-for-profit business model, hi concentrates on generating and bringing as much value as possible to their members.

This reflects through in its effort to satisfy customers’ specific needs in such a way that traditional finance is unable to deliver. It also encourages members’ participation in the hi community through rewards programs.

To enhance user experience, the platform has been built to be inclusive of its customers’ experiences, guaranteeing that no one needs to be a DeFi specialist to profit from using cryptocurrency, and that fiat services are also available to suit as many consumer needs as possible.

By doing this, hi can not expand its target audience but also generate the opportunity for newbies who are unfamiliar with the crypto world – and allow them to take a step closer through the easiest ways possible.

Who Can Use hi?

As mentioned above, hi is for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are an investor or a trader. The firm concentrates on attracting people who desire to benefit from the global credit union experience.

However, the platform also has its own target customer which are defined as GenZ and Millennials – as these groups tend to rely more on mobile services, and are likely the most at ease with a financial service platform built on a chat.

In addition to its investment partners, hi has formed strategic alliances with a number of businesses such as Netflix, Spotify, IHG, Uber and so on that provide members with advantages and discounts.

In order to build the membership while rewarding members, the team will focus on referrals rather than traditional advertising to boost the community aspect of the platform.

hi: The Key Features

The first key feature is the creation of a token, chain and wallet. hi has built the hi Wallet to protect its global customer base.

The hi Wallet features hardware-based isolation, cryptographic authentication for signature access, as well as Secure Transfer Environment which is identified as E2E authentication, providing superior security than many other multi-signature wallets.

The native token is hi dollar (HI) which is a ERC-20 token with the ability for future implementation of migration.

To access the financial services, users must acquire and deposit hi Dollars into their account and the minimum amount for savings interest will be based on chosen type of account ranging from member, associate, partner or boss.

The hi chain that is powered by hI will become a public blockchain protocol with the unique design that maximizes the financial features for hi community while requiring less fees.

One of the most convenient existing features of hi is its Peer-to-Peer transactions which enables a user to send money to another hi user.

With the reward feature, signing up, participating in the “daily question,” and referring others are all ways for members to receive prizes.

Noticeably, hi rewards programs are generous and 50% of all downstream revenue will be given to referrals.

Besides that, with Lifestyle Benefits, users can either receive non-fee access for digital services with other attractive exclusive offers from relevant merchants.

hi is a Non-Profit Here to Make DeFi Easy for Everyone

Keep Up With hi

In addition to the current available functions, hi users are expected for the upcoming features which are also really appealing and attractive.

One of those is sending money across chat platforms and establishing one of the world’s very first financial services that provides cross-platform functionality.

At the moment, Telegram and Whatsapp will be the two apps that beta users can either send or convert money, however other chat service compatibilities are expected to be included in the platform’s functionality soon.

Other coming functions such as Peer-to-Business transactions which allows users to make payment for businesses via virtual debit card or directly by hi if that merchant uses the platform,

Deposit and withdrawal using hi network and Fee-less exchange – using intermediate exchange rates to convert different currencies including both fiat and cryptocurrency are also full of promise to satisfy hi users.

hi is a visionary platform – and you can use it today. To learn more about it – just check out

You can also keep up with everything hi is doing on Telegram, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter!

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