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Highest Selling Female NFT Artist Itzel Yard Nets 500 ETH for ‘Dreaming at Dusk’

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Highest Selling Female NFT Artist Itzel Yard Nets 500 ETH for ‘Dreaming at Dusk’

The Tor Project has netted nearly $2 million in its latest NFT auction. The auction saw NFT artist Itzel Yard’s “Dreaming at dusk” sell for 500 ETH.

The Tor Project has successfully closed its first non-fungible token (NFT) auction. This week the Tor Project announced that it would be auctioning off a piece of history in the form of an NFT. 

The NFT would be the first of its kind for the company, up for auction was the private cryptographic key used to create Dusk, the earliest Tor onion service, and an art piece generated using this key by artist ixshells, otherwise known as Itzel Yard. 

The $2 million NFT 

The auction has now concluded, with the winning bidder, PleasrDAO dropping 500 ETH on the NFT to beat out Kraken CEO Jesse Powell. The collector group now holds a piece of history. The roughly $2 million in proceeds will go towards benefitting the Tor Project by improving Tor’s censorship circumvention and privacy tools.

The Tor Project which operates as a nonprofit, was created as a means to offer privacy to users through the internet in the form of onion services. Created over fifteen years ago, the project has seen huge support for offering private and safe internet browsing. The Tor Project has seen whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden make use of the service. 

PleasrDAO wins another NFT first 

Snowden also commented on the auction, saying “NFTs have been amazingly successful for tech charities.” Ironically, PleasrDAO were also the winners of Sowdens limited NFT auction, which raised 2,224 ETH, or $8.6 million. 

While Beeple, otherwise known as Mike Winkelmann holds the record for the highest fee paid for an NFT, set at $69 million. Yard’s “Dreaming at dusk” becomes the highest selling NFT for a female artist. 

Speaking on the successful partnership between the Tor Project and Yard, head of community Lindsay Howard commented “We’re thrilled to see the Tor Project enter into the NFT space in collaboration with renowned artist Itzel Yard. Itzel is a leading voice in the generative art movement, creating poetic visualizations of algorithms and experimental music. As cofounder of Creative Code Art, Itzel is also a strong advocate for an entire community of artists who are pushing the boundaries of creative coding.”

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