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Holon Partners With Protocol Labs to Push Decentralized Data Storage

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Holon Partners With Protocol Labs to Push Decentralized Data Storage

Australian fund manager Holon Global Investments has partnered with Protocol Labs to increase decentralized data storage in Oceania

Holon has announced a collaboration with open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory, Protocol Labs. The collaboration will see the Australian fund manager look to introduce Filecoin and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to future developers and investors within the region. 

Holon Innovations, a subsection of the investment firm, focuses on investing in next-generation digital infrastructure and assets that will reshape financial services, according to its website.

The company will make use of Filecoin in its efforts to increase decentralized data storage capacity. Filecoin is currently the largest decentralized storage network that lets users store, request, and transfer data through a verifiable marketplace.

The partnership will open up more opportunities in the region says managing director of Holon Innovations, Jonathan Hooker. “Protocol Labs is leading a ‘game-change’ in one of the biggest industries in the world. They are deploying the infrastructure for ‘new world’ data storage,” Hooker says. “Filecoin’s data storage will start to become more ubiquitous, open to more people to use and offer data storage at a lower cost than centralized companies today” Hooker further stated. 

Holon plans Filecoin fund

With the help of Protocol Labs, Holon Innovations will design a range of digital asset funds launching this year. The first fund will be the Holon Filecoin Fund. The fund is expected to open to wholesale investors and invest in Filecoin mining infrastructure. This will further expand the ecosystem in the Oceania region. 

The benefits of Filecoin represent a useful use case for data storage. Considered the ‘Airbnb for data storage’ by Holon, the more efficient way of moving data around the internet will see Filecoin compete against major tech giants in the space. 

“Holon Investments recognizes the power of Web3 technologies and are leading innovation in Oceania by driving education and investment projects in this space. We’re delighted to be collaborating on a number of initiatives that will fortify the existing community and introduce many new builders and entrepreneurs to the powerful building blocks that underpin the future of the internet.” said Angie Maguire, Head of Growth. 

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