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How this NFT project is bringing gamification and customization to everyone

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Creating digital packs that contain NFTs was once extremely expensive and consultancies would charge thousands of dollars to use their sophisticated software. However, time moves fast in the blockchain world and the founder of NeftyBlocks, Juan Paniagua with his co-founder José Andrade, wanted to create their own solution for a fun Alpacaworlds NFT collection on the WAX Blockchain.

They did this and then decided to put the service online for free for any other artists to use.

This resulted in the start of NeftyBlocks, a web application that allows artists to easily manage their collections on the WAX blockchain. It is built on top of the AtomicHub marketplace, meeting the most commonly used EOSIO NFT standards. 

“Basically, we provide the tools for artists to create drops and gamify their collections.”

Artists must first go to AtomicHub, create their templates and mint their NFTs. They must also get their collection verified or white labelled which proves that the NFTs are not stolen, plagiarised or otherwise inappropriate. 

The next stop is NeftyBlocks, where anyone can configure NFT packs and create drops, building in different rarities. NeftyBlocks also offers blends which is a gamification mechanic where the collectors can combine different variants of the NFT collection and convert them into a more valuable or rarer NFT.

Juan Paniagua
Juan Paniagua is the CEO and co-founder of NeftyBlocks.

Juan stresses that NeftyBlocks will always be free. As time goes on, they are adding new and more powerful features which may come under a premium brand but the basic functionality for free collections will always be available.

How they will achieve the continued free service is through the introduction of the Nefty token, a token created on top of the WAX Blockchain. Collections staking the Nefty token will get artists access to premium services, but they can also withdraw the token and sell it afterwards.

NeftyBlocks is planning a community sale at the end of August, but it’s not a regular token sale. There are three different NFTs and they will be available for purchase inside three packs. NeftyBlocks is using its own gamification and digital boxes to sell the tokens. Once purchased the predefined amount of Neftys will be automatically placed in the buyer’s wallet.

The three packs are called the Collector with 400 Nefty tokens priced at $50, the Artist with 1300 Nefty Tokens priced at $150, and the Whale with 3200 Nefty tokens priced at $300. 

“The price of the Nefty tokens is discounted so as you purchase the larger packs – you can avail of larger discounts. In addition, some wild cards have are hidden in the packs. For example, there are 128 Artist packs hidden in the collector packs and 64 Whales hidden in the Artist packs and one Golden Betsy hidden in the Whale Packs.

“And a Golden Betsy is worth 32,000 Neftys.”

There is further gamification in those people who participate in the community sale can obtain cross collection packs – but only 2500 of these will be created. These are claimed after the sale but it’ll be on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Nefty tokens will sit in people’s wallets and can be used to access premium services through staking but they will also operate as a governance token where holders of the token can vote for new platform features.

“This makes perfect sense for us as we believe the collectors and artists know better than anyone what features they will want in the future. We want them to be in control on the functional side. We will still be developing but this way we can prioritise new features as favoured by the community.”

There will be a limited supply of 100 million Nefty tokens which will be released after the sale on a phased basis of 150,000 each week to support the liquidity mining programme. 

“So that while staking provides access to premium services we also wanted to support the collectors and buyers so these tokens will be shared between users on the platform. And the more they stake, the higher the reward in Neftys – we want to incentivise people to use the platform.”

Active artists will have their collections featured on the site as a reward also and these will be called Nefty Kings. 

“In time, we will build our own marketplace, to allow even more freedom to NFT artists and collectors alike. We’re working tirelessly, but hopefully it will launch by the end of the year.”

There are other plans too – as hatched between Juan and me – to follow on from his original launch collection – the aforementioned AlpacaWorlds inspired by his 14 daughter – to a real animal Alpaca NFT from a farm nearby in rural Wicklow, Ireland, where I live. And then to horses with my horse-mad daughter. It’s all about the animals.

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