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How to Earn Half a Million in Free BTC

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BTC has experienced unprecedented growth in the last year, having just risen to an all-time high of around $60,000. But what can you do to take advantage of the huge increase in the popularity of BTC, now that the price has gone through the roof? 

Should you buy now in the hope that BTC will go up even higher and then quickly sell before it crashes? Should you buy or and hold tight for the long term or is there a safer and potentially far more profitable way to invest with BTC? 

If you don’t want your capital to just be sitting idle, and are looking for a high, reliable passive income, over the long term, with close to zero risk then check out crypto arbitrage. 

As an investment strategy that is not vulnerable to crypto market volatility, crypto arbitrage is widely acknowledged to be exceptionally low risk, is used by financial institutions, corporations, hedge funds and retail investors, world-over. 

How to Earn Half a Million in Free BTC

It involves using an automated trading system to identify and take advantage of temporary price inefficiencies across exchanges. These are instances where for just a few minutes, before the market adjusts to compensate, a cryptocurrency will be available on various exchanges at different prices at the same time. The automated traded system will be connected to multiple exchanges at once which it scans around the clock, tracking hundreds of cryptocurrencies at once to find and exploit inefficiencies. When it identifies a crypto arbitrage opportunity, the system will automatically buy the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest and then instantly sell it on the exchange where the price is highest, generating a profit, in a matter of seconds, before the window closes and the price inefficiency resolves itself.

This is a great crypto investment option, since it is a perfect hedging strategy. Even if the value of BTC suddenly drops and the market crashes, crypto arbitrage opportunities will continue to emerge as frequently and profitably as ever. 

What kind of profit will I have after a year?

Unlike any other form of BTC investing, crypto arbitrage offers stable and predictable profits

The biggest name in the field is ArbiSmart, an EU licensed automated crypto arbitrage platform, and it guarantees returns of up to 45% a year, depending on the amount you’ve invested.

How to Earn Half a Million in Free BTC

If you check out the company’s Accounts page, you’ll see that they have clearly set out in advance the precise amount that you can expect to earn on a monthly and annual basis, depending on your account level. 

So, how does it work? 

You sign up, deposit funds in either fiat or crypto and then get on with your day, while the algorithm gets to work. Your funds are automatically swapped into RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token, for use in crypto arbitrage trading, though you can withdraw your money at any time directly to your bank in EUR or GBP, or straight to your wallet, in BTC, ETH or USDT. 

How to Earn Half a Million in Free BTC

The native token is actually worth discussing, since it offers a large secondary source of revenue. With ArbiSmart, you can almost double your investment in a single year just from automated crypto arbitrage trading and that is before you take into account the compound interest on your earnings. In addition to all that, you will be earning capital gains on the growing value of the RBIS token, which has already more than tripled in value since it was introduced just two years ago. Not only has RBIS gone up by 385%, but it is on track to soar far higher, as the company continues to grow by 150% a year.  ArbiSmart also has a number of new products and services in the pipeline for launch in the second half of 2021, and currently the RBIS  token is in the process of being listed. In the coming months, once the token is tradable on exchanges, this is likely to drive up the value even further. 

What type of research do I need to do?

One of the biggest advantages of crypto arbitrage investing is that you don’t have to do any market research whatsoever. You don’t have to examine asset histories, track price chart movements, and sit in front a screen analyzing technical indicators, identifying patterns and executing strategies. The system does it all or you. You simply sign up and the algorithm takes it from there.

How to Earn Half a Million in Free BTC

However, the second you enter the crypto arena you need to be on high alert, as there are bad actors out there looking to take advantage of the anonymity and under-regulation of the crypto space to exploit unwary investors. This is why it is critical to make sure you are only investing with a licensed and regulated platform. 

Why does this matter so much?

Well, ArbiSmart, for example, is FIU licensed and this has a lot of significance, since regulatory compliance ensures transparency and security. For a start, a licensed platform will need to implement incredibly tough data security protocols, as well as strict anti-money-laundering and client ID verification protocols. It will also need to keep client and company funds separate, maintain sufficient capital to cover all client accounts and undergo regular external auditing.

Your research will also need to include a dive into social media, crypto industry press and client review sites to see how your crypto arbitrage platform of choice measures up. 

A google search of ArbiSmart will show an excellent Trustpilot rating, overall very positive industry press coverage and a vocal fan base across social media that is more than satisfied with the platform profits, payments and support. 

If you want a long-term, reliable, steady source of passive income, while still enjoying immediate access to BTC, so you can benefit from the current bull run, crypto arbitrage is a highly lucrative investment option that requires almost no risk and zero effort. 

Why not put your money to work on your behalf right now? Try crypto arbitrage today!

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