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Impossible Finance Introduces the First Cross-Chain Launchpad for DeFi

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Impossible Finance Introduces the First Cross-Chain Launchpad for DeFi

Impossible Finance, a platform that focuses on creating a multi-chain DeFi incubator, launchpad, and swap has announced its launch of the Initial DeFi Offering Launchpad, one of the company’s core elements.

The project was under the guidance of the expertise of Calvin Chu, formerly of Binance Research.

Chu brought his experience in leading Binance Staking across 30 blockchains and supporting Binance Launchpad through selection, incubation, pre-launch advisory, & post-launch into the tone for Impossible’s guidance.

The impossible Finance’s Launchpad is introduced as a fair allocation mechanism based on KYC, on-chain whitelisting, and staking queues. By accepting the most dedicated contributors, this mechanism can maximize community engagement for new projects.

Impossible Finance Continues to Make DeFi More Accessible

The company found out an easy-to-use UX/UI design a priority from the start for using DeFi, therefore, they create an interface that brings DeFi benefits such as fairer investing, and cheaper trading.

Investors can also realize higher passive income with a user-friendly design that consumers are accustomed to from their favorite apps.

Impossible Finance is not only planning to introduce top-tier blockchain projects from a number of popular blockchains such as BSC, ETH, Polygon, Avalanche, Moonbeam, Solana, and others, but also a system of automatic vesting for the projects.

It was inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s DAICO model. The company also wants to reward teams for successfully delivering on their promise according to a well-defined and automated process.

A Strong Community

The Impossible Launchpad will be powered by the Impossible community and the IDIA token holders, who will set its general development path and ensure the platform remains highly curated.

The launch of Impossible Launchpad and the release of the IDIA token is set for August 10. IDIA token is the launchpad’s dedicated token used for staking and earning allocations within future token launches.

After the first IDO, the Launchpad is hoped to create good conditions for startups working with NFTs, DEXs, and more.

“Impossible is excited to launch its IDIA token on its own Impossible Launchpad, and usher in the standard of ‘scales, not sales. Launchpads should be about helping grow projects to gain product adoption, not just simply sales of tokens. The strength of the community is what makes DeFi so powerful, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with the launch of our own IDIA token and launchpad to our community,’’ said Calvin Chu, Council Member, and Core Builder at Impossible Finance.

According to the company, in order to assist more audiences to enter DeFi, it’s necessary to provide institutional-quality deal flow to the regular user. Therefore, it will provide assistance and expertise to help offer useful products to the market.

Bold Ideas in a Growing Ecosystem

Created by DeFi veterans, avid hackathon goers, and financial product aficionados, Impossible Finance is a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform.

Impossible develops a robust product-first ecosystem that supports and runs top-tier blockchain projects to targeted users.

Led by Ex-Binance & DeFi veterans, including Calvin Chu from Binance Research, who was a part of the incubation and pre/post-launch advisory process for Binance Launchpad with projects such as Polygon (Matic), Elrond, Axie Infinity, and Harmony.

Calvin’s goal is to build in the open and share his knowledge and experience to find the best projects alongside the Impossible Finance community, which also meets Impossible’s vision of simplifying finance and making it more accessible to all.

Along with the extensive support of key leaders in the crypto industry, Impossible Finance is trying to simplify DeFi, offering users the best and easiest way to enjoy its benefits, including fairer investing, cheaper trading, and higher passive income.

To learn more about Impossible Finance, and how easy it is to use, please click here!

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