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Investing in PayPal BTC? Here Is What You Need To Know!

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PayPal is the “Godfather” in the industry of online payment systems. Be it online shoppers, freelancers, or even business owing personalities; everyone uses the payment system.

Paypal CEO Dan Schulman talked about his company’s crypto plans and the progress of the upcoming “super app” during the payments giant’s second-quarter earnings conference call on the last week of July. PayPal is working on transfers to third-party wallets to ensure a seamless process for taxes and tax reporting.

I’m pleased to report that the initial version of our new consumer wallet super app is code-complete, and we are now beginning to ramp.

Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the interest of folks towards cryptocurrency. ETH, Stellar, NEO, Cardano, Ripple, and Litecoin are all altcoins or alternative coins. But how do you know what an altcoin is? Cryptocurrencies other than BTC all are altcoins. Altcoins build on the success of BTC by slightly changing the rules to appeal to different users.

BTC rules 65% of the marketplace. The price is increasing with every passing day, making it the global brand.

Buying crypto on PayPal

When it is about buying BTC, the decision on the platform is the most perplexing task. Your risks factors, digital assets, and other features all depend on the platform.

When PayPal permits you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with the minimum investment of only $1, then why look for another option in the scammy world? PayPal is a trusted name in the marketplace.


Last year, the leading online payment system made a big move by permitting customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Amazingly, the customers do not need to have a particular PayPal account to buy the cryptocurrency. Using a simple account, customers can enjoy the benefits. Interesting, right?

Who can buy BTC on a PayPal account?

Any individual who is legally an adult according to US crypto rules can buy the cryptocurrency. Up to date, Hawaii residents are not allowed to purchase cryptocurrency. Maybe in the future new policies will allow them.

But, to be precise, the digital currencies you buy and sell are not yours. 

What does PayPal say about BTC Cash?

Basically, on purchasing the cryptocurrency, you are provided with two blockchain things;

  • Private key pair
  • Public key pair

The public key pair is your case report. On the flip side of the coin, the private key is your control over your wallet.

When buying virtual currency on PayPal, PayPal gives you access to the vital public pairs but controls the private key pair. When talking about this point, the company said;

The BTC cash available in the customers’ account can’t be transferred to other accounts nor can be to other accounts off PayPal. Initially, the customer will find it awkward or odd, but it is all for their benefit.


On further explaining the scenario, the company stated;

You can understand this situation like when you deposit your dollars in the central banks. The central banks have full access over your money in their accounts, manage them, and in return, they give you an IOU.


For customers, it is crucial to managing their public keys if they do not want to lose their crypto coins. A former customer lost his public keys for Ripple coin. His calculated loss in today’s date is around 400 million dollars.

Those customers, who feel awkward holding cryptocurrency, can pass their keys on to PayPal. 

What does Jose Fernandez da Ponte say about PayPal BTC? 

Jose Fernandez da Ponte is Vice President, General Manager Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Currencies at PayPal. Speaking with John Roberts on Wednesday at Consensus 2021 conference, he said;

To offer versatile options to our consumer, we want to make it open as much as we can- something that will enable them to pay in whatever way they want. With us, they will bring their crypto to trade. And in return, we will support them to reach the destination they want.

Jose Fernandez da Ponte

About the withdrawing function, he said, PayPal makes new updates every two months. In the San Jose office, we are still working on it. This statement makes it super straightforward for the consumers; there is much more to come on the way. 

How to buy crypto on the PayPal App?

After PayPal integrated the cryptocurrency into the system, many users started to ask how to purchase them? Well, the process is pretty simple; you can even do it using the PayPal app on your phone.

Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process.

Data popping on the screen

The moment you land on the dashboard, you will see the pop-up option on the screen. Click on it to precede the process. 

Dashboard data.

Some customers complain that they do not receive the option. Down on the account dashboard, there will be three options Scan, Payments, and More. Click on the more option.

More information.

After clicking on it, a new screen will display. On the new screen, the first option will be Buy cryptocurrencies. 

Mange data.

Now you have all leading cryptocurrencies displayed on the screen. Click on the buy option, then continue to authorize your purchases. If you wish to have a PayPal Cash Plus account for your Cryptocurrency HUB, apply for it.

More information.
Manage latest trends.

Here, some basic terms & conditions will be displayed. Click on more information, read them all keenly to avoid wear and tear in the future. Once you are done, agree and continue. 

Enter the amount data.
Manage your bank details. Bank info should be accurate

Enter the amount you want to invest and select the payment method. Transact to the last stage, check the transaction fee, and confirm the buy option.

And, that’s it! That is the step-by-step process. Now you are set to invest, sell, and trade your digital currencies.

What are the financial services fees & pricing?

Whenever you buy or sell crypto assets, PayPal charges a margin. The exchange rate of margin is between the trading service providers and crypto-assets & the USD rate.

However, the money-making rate of PayPal will be different compared to the money you pay on the other platforms. 

PayPal keeps informing you about the decision you make & what the fees rate will be. Bear in mind there are no charges on cryptocurrency holdings crypto HUB in your PayPal account.

The charges are not that high. Besides, PayPal notifies you about the exchange rate you will pay on your transactions.

If your PayPal account is linked with your bank credit/debit card or any funding source, the bank will also cut a tariff, which PayPal will not be responsible for. 

The tax may also include insufficient funds or overdraft crypto assets- Depends on the policies of the central banks.

Lastly, if you checkout with crypto with foreign fiat currency, there will be a tax on the exchange rate. The tax survey will be according to the exchange rate of the US currency, and then, the amount will be added to your account.

What is the transaction limit set by PayPal?

Amazingly, PayPal permits you to start buying and selling a digital currency with an investment of only $1. PayPal is still updating its rules & regulations about the transaction limits. Maybe after some time, the transaction limit varies.

However, the weekly transaction limit set by PayPal is up to $100,00. It is the standard transaction limit. For a summary, you can sign in to your account to check the value. 

All history of the transition you ever made will be saved in your Cash account. The history includes both your selling cryptocurrency record as well as purchasing record.

Does PayPal provide educational content to crypto users?

To make your crypto trading beneficial, PayPal offers educational market content to the consumer. The content is general in the niche, not according to your investment, market data, fees, financial institutions, and more information about the terms & conditions. 

More information is available in the crypto HUB. The education material is provided by a third party. PayPal takes no responsibility about the educational materials, it says;

“Before completely relying on us, you should verify the data first. If you make investment decisions based on the content and complain to us later, we will not be responsible for any loss.”

Through your digital currency, HUB, you should make your decision rather than relying on anyone’s advice. Not only PayPal but any other platform does not advise about investments.

What activities are restricted by PayPal?

PayPal is very restricted regarding the activities of the consumers. Every single action you take is under the eyes of it.

Following activities are restricted by PayPal to the users;

  • Providing false personal data;
  • Violation of the laws governed by the financial services;
  • Negative balance in your cash account;
  • Getting access from the country which is not permitted;
  • Threaten or harass or other users or customer services;
  • Linking your account with an account that is restricted by the company;
  • Infringement of the Crypto rules;
  • Engaging in spamming activities with other users;
  • Misleading other users in the cryptocurrency market;
  • Initiating an unintended transaction;
  • Using illegal crypto assets to buy digital currencies;
  • Hacking or trying to down the service system;
  • Spreading false data about the digital currency among the users;
  • Breaking the cookies of the website;
  • Using an unidentified proxy;
  • Providing fake cost rate to the support to earn extra cost over the assets;
  • Sell forged products.

What actions will PayPal take to restrict activities?

PayPal takes every possible action to manage the misleading activities on the platform. Following are the actions PayPal takes;

  • Take legal actions against the consumer;
  • On hold crypto-assets;
  • Limiting your account activities;
  • Limiting your ability to buy cryptocurrency;
  • Updating the false data you provided;
  • May close your crypto HUB, but you will be notified in this case;
  • May hold your Cash Account for up to 180 days;
  • Limit the consumer access to the main website;
  • No service in the future;
  • Consuming the damage the consumer caused to the platform.

Is there any chance to cancel the transaction for cryptocurrencies?

Once the transaction is preceded, you can’t cancel it nor reverse it. However, in the case when the fund is insufficient, the following actions will take place;

  • PayPal will debit any holding coffers for the transaction;
  • Debit the fund from any other link funding source;
  • Take action to recover the payment;
  • Remove the digital assets that do not receive the fund.

Remember, PayPal also has the right to cancel or reverse your transaction if:

  • If the cryptocurrency PayPal HUB has some suspicious activities;
  • If the account has restricted activities;
  • If the transaction proceeds with a holding account;
  • If the transaction is linked with money laundering; or
  • Orders governed by the financial services.

Is there support for unauthorized transactions of the digital currencies?

In case of unauthorized transactions, PayPal takes entire liability. As far as you keep in contact with customer service support, PayPal will recover your total amount.

An unauthorized transaction is when someone steals your account password and transfers funds from a cash account to buy digital currencies. Of course, you will inform the customer services support when you don’t have made the transaction.

PayPal’s customer support is available 24/7. The chat agents will immediately forward the complaint, limit the Cash Account activities, and recover the unauthorized transactions. 

Is PayPal About to Launch Its Virtual Currency?

Right now, PayPal does not have any plans about it. When talking to the media, PayPal’s Vice President Jose Fernandez da Ponte said;

I think it’s too early for this. There are still some things to come on the board. However, nothing can stop PayPal from changing the decision. Maybe not today, but in the future, for sure, the world will relish PayPal’s fiat currency.”

The financial services will surely earn high benefits after the launch of Crypto PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send BTC from PayPal to another blockchain wallet?

No, you can’t! Right now, PayPal does not access this option to transfer funds to another blockchain wallet. The reason the company restricts this feature is because of the crypto assets of the customers.

How secure are we with PayPal for the crypto assets?

You are 100% secure with PayPal. Your all data is in safe hands. The company has set its interface pretty simple. It helps to manage the crypto HUB effortlessly. Risks are also less compared to other leading podiums in the marketplace. 

How do I activate BTC on PayPal?

The moment you buy cryptocurrency on PayPal, your crypto is activated. From now on, you can invest as much as you want. PayPal account holders can activate BTC, but other cryptocurrencies are also activated by the same method.

Can you use PayPal only for Crypto?

Why not? If you want to manage the system only to buy, sell, hold crypto, then you can. To access the service, make an account & buy the virtual currency. 

Can you checkout with crypto at PayPal?

Aforementioned, PayPal does give access to customers to checkout with crypto. By doing this, your data is disturbed & the value of the crypto assets will decrease. 

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