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Japanese carmakers Toyota and Nissan are entering the Metaverse

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Two Japanese carmakers, Nissan and Toyota, have launched a metaverses. Nissan’s virtual showroom hosts vehicle shows and other events, while Toyota’s premises are used for staff meetings.

Carmakers are expanding into the digital world

Japanese carmakers Nissan and Toyota have become the newest global corporations to expand into a metaverse. The former launched a virtual showroom, while the latter created virtual workspaces.

According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Nissan has created a digital reality version of Tokyo’s Nissan Crossing Gallery that can be used to launch vehicles and other events. Nissan Motor Corporation said on its website that through its Invisible-to-Visible – an augmented reality interface that connects to the metaverse, it has created “unlimited service and communication options that will make driving more comfortable and exciting.”

Toyota, one of the world’s largest carmakers, has created virtual workstations for some departments and its companies. With the help of avatars, employees participate in company meetings and also chat together. According to the report, virtual workspaces are already used by technical development and human resources teams in the parent company. There are also plans for further expansion.

A Toyota spokesman suggested that the Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions on people’s movements had inspired the automaker to decide to launch virtual workspaces.

“As more and more people work from home because of coronavirus, we provide young employees with communication opportunities within the company.”

Nissan and Toyota are not the first car brands or companies to innovate in this new Metaverse trend. Other companies, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz, launched campaigns in early April to promote their entry into the Metaverse sector and handed out prizes such as the latest PS5 and driving lessons at one of Volkswagen’s academies.

Bridget Harpur, Marketing Director, Volkswagen Passenger Vehicles, said the “new universe has a tremendous impact on consumers”, so they are likely to continue to create new events and experiences for their user and fan base.

In addition, other luxury car manufacturers, such as Ferrari, have not yet officially joined the Metaverse, but are already embarking on the creation of the NFT. This means that step by step most large car companies are betting on these technologies.

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