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Jelurida’s BridgeChamp Launch Roadmap is Here

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Jelurida’s BridgeChamp Launch Roadmap is Here

Jelurida is bringing the game of bridge back to the global bridge community with BridgeChamp. With the onset of COVID19 restrictions, many bridge players were left without a venue to play bridge.

Now, the roadmap is here, and by 2021, BridgeChamp should be ready to offer a fully featured bridge platform to a global audience.

In fact, many of the features on the platform should be working long before 2021, and there will also be a mobile app that allows people to play bridge on standard smartphones.

Jelurida is the company that maintains both the Ardor and Nxt blockchains, so it is well placed to offer a totally secure and transparent online bridge playing experience.

In a recent blog post, Lior Yaffe, Co-founder and Managing Director of Jelurida, wrote,

“In fact Bridge Champ is shaping up to be a social network like site evolved around the game of contract bridge and a great use case for a utility token.

We are also working on the corporate structure, legal setup, contractual commitments there are so many aspects to consider.

The end result is shaping up to be one of greatest use cases for blockchain integration and token economy.”

BridgeChamp is The Answer to Online Bridge

A global community is waiting for BridgeChamp – and the platform was actually the brainchild of a famous bridge player.

Lior Yaffe commented,

“The idea for Bridge Champ was not envisioned by us but by Barak Lieberman a bridge player and trainer whom I met at the time who became our partner and consultant for this project. I used to play contract bridge as a teenager and learning from Barak about the challenges facing the online bridge players, and the industry as a whole got me thinking if there is a business opportunity here and it turned out that there is one!”

With so much community involvement in the creation, design and execution of, BridgeChamp is sure to be an answered prayer to global bridge enthusiasts (who won’t have to wait long to check out the platform).

When is BridgeChamp Coming?

Jelurida has given the public a clear idea of how BridgeChamp will be launched, and what features will be available to try before the full platform is operational.

Here are the most important dates:

August 2021

-Closed Beta for casual games

September 2021

-Open Beta for casual games

-Closed Beta for mobile app

October 2021

-Casual Games Should be Open!

-Open Beta for mobile app

-BridgeChamp token rewards active for casual games

November 2021

-Mobile app should be ready for general use

-Open Beta for tournaments

-Closed beta for Bots

-Platform should support deposit and withdrawal of BridgeChamp tokens

By December of this year, the vast majority of features that will allow people to use the platform for play will be up and running, according to the roadmap.

There is a lot going on with the platform, anyone who is interested should look into being a beta tester.

Of course, there is loads more coming in 2022, and for a wider view of all the features that Jelurida is packing into BridgeChamp, you can learn all about it on the company’s website.

New Ways to Play With BridgeChamp

BridgeChamp and Jelurida are doing more than just creating a new way for people to play cards online – bridge is a very social game, and BridgeChamp will be a place where people from all over the world can connect and enjoy a game they love.

For a lot more information on all the features that are being built into BridgeChamp, please click here to visit its website.

The platform promises to be a great option for anyone who enjoys bridge, and wants to play in a safe, reliable online space.

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