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Join Smart Marketing Token ICO

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Join Smart Marketing Token ICO

The creation of the blockchain for BTC became the first digital money to solve the double-spending issue without using a trusted authority or central server.

The internet and blockchain are evolving at a rapid speed, e-Commerce and blockchain businesses demand effective marketing and advertising solutions.

It can be challenging to find a platform in the cryptocurrency industry that can help your business expand these days. We have, however, identified a way to combine staking and advertising with a smart marketing token.

What are the advantages of using smart marketing token? 

With a young and innovative team full of unique ideas, the smart marketing token (SMT) platform came up with the concept of providing services for ICO, IDO, and IEO newbie platforms.

Their goal is to promote the blockchain voice over the world. The smart marketing token platform will function as a business that provides services through its token. 

The essential utilities will be:

  • SMT: the primary way to pay for services will be through SMT. Also, fiat payments will be converted into seasonal SMT buybacks. 
  • SMT holders: will first have access to the broader marketing projects and the smart marketing educational platform. 

With STC launchpad fundings, holders will receive unique bonuses. Additionally, they will also have access to the complete fundamental and legal project analysis.

Additionally, SMT Staking will be available on the platform after October 31, 2021. 

Although the smart marketing token seeks to integrate promotion into each project on a personalized basis, some categories will be semi-standardized, such as: 

  • STC launchpad promotion;
  • Long term community building;
  • Youtube and Twitter influencers promotion; 
  • Project’s design analysis;
  • Ads optimization & content marketing;
  • Advanced marketing networking;
  • A/B testing;
  • Affiliate program establishment.

What is the smart marketing token? 

SMT is the first tokenized marketing agency platform built on the ETH Network. 

Their main goal is to support fundamental projects that enter the cryptocurrency world with professionalism, fitted, and elastic marketing approaches. They will be responsible for the promotion of blockchain projects created on the Student Coin Terminal.

Most of the services provided will be paid and settled in the native SMT. The platform aims to create a bridge between the agency’s clients and token holders, from where clients can directly benefit investors.

To access their services, clients will need to buy SMT directly from the exchange and transfer it to the smart marketing agency.

Also, the inflows that the fiat-based clients will create, will be turned into a massive exchange buyback, ensuring that the payments are benefiting token holders.

What does the smart marketing token ecosystem consist of?

Aside from promoting their ICO, SMT is the foundation of a solid marketing firm, developing comprehensive products and solutions with token success reliant on smart marketing services.

To summarize their ecosystem, we have the following: 

  • Fixed fee promotion: the service will cost 3% of the total net profit collected in the fundraising of STC Ecosystem 
  • SMT services: users will have the option to purchase banners, logos, marketing materials, and Facebook post templates, among many other services.
  • Voting system: every quarter, smart marketing token will provide an opportunity for SMT holders to have their voices heard. This will allow users to get their thoughts known by voting on what they want SMT to promote.
  • Transparency and legitimacy: the team’s operations are transparent, acting in accordance with European Union standards. 
  • The educational service: SMT will provide an educational marketing platform developed by creators that will only be available to SMT Token holders to get their best marketing tips and tricks.
  • Staking: they intend to launch a buyback and staking program.

Join the Smart Marketing Token ecosystem

To participate in the SMT ecosystem, you must possess the token, which will be available in August 2021. 

The SMT ICO will be divided into the following stages: 

  1. On August 2, 2021, they will begin issuing their ICO. 
  2. Users will be able to obtain tokens until October 31, 2021. 
  3. The ICO will be divided into 100 phases. 
  4. Each time the price rises by 1%.
  5. Phases cost $20,000 each.
  6. There will be a total supply of 10 million SMT tokens; the platform will sell only 55% of their ICO, starting from the price of $0.50. 

You can purchase SMT Tokens through the website, using a credit card, Coinbase, or Metamask wallet. 

You can now expand your business and level up while purchasing and participating in the SMT flourishing business. Take a peek at their website here: smart marketing token.

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