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Keep your crypto safe — use a VPN

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Cryptocurrency is great for privacy, but it’s not anonymous. And, the more people come into crypto trading, the more attractive it becomes to cybercriminals. It’s low-risk and a high reward for hackers: since there’s no central authority in crypto, once your money is lost or stolen, it’s gone forever. 

So, you have to take your cybersecurity into your own hands. A VPN is a great place to start. One of the most popular and trusted VPNs, NordVPN, is currently having a huge sale — 69% off. You can check out their offer here. Let’s take a look at why you need a VPN and if NordVPN is the best choice.

What a VPN does

Data encryption. If you’re using trustworthy crypto services, your data is pretty secure. However, when it comes to the rest of your browsing activities, that’s not necessarily the case. Malware-ridden websites, fake SSL certificates, or unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots are just some of the cases in which a VPN can secure your data. 

A VPN sends your data traffic through a secure encrypted tunnel. This means that, even if someone managed to snoop on your connection, all they’d see would be gibberish. With a VPN, your browsing activities are safe from hackers, your employers, ISPs, and even the government.

Hidden IP. Crypto wallets aren’t completely anonymous. For example, your IP address could reveal your location or even be traced back to you. But, with a VPN, your IP address and virtual location changes, adding another privacy layer when you’re surfing the web. 

Is NordVPN the best option?

Extra security features. NordVPN offers more than just the privacy and security offered by other VPN services. Its CyberSec feature scans the web and blocks access to malicious, malware-ridden websites that could steal your data. It also blocks annoying pop-ups and autoplay ads.

Servers. NordVPN offers one of the biggest server selections on the market. With 5,300+ servers in 59 locations, you can experience true internet freedom. Furthermore, the service offers a variety of specialty servers optimized for specific online activities. Choose Onion over VPN, Double VPN, and P2P servers for extra privacy and convenience.

No logs. NordVPN does not track, collect, or sell your data. To prove this, NordVPN underwent a security audit by an independent firm, which confirmed their claims.

Speed. This is another area where NordVPN stands out from the rest. As of 2020, NordVPN was officially the fastest VPN on the planet. A big part of what makes the service so fast is their lightweight NordLynx protocol. So, switch that on if you want to surf the internet at blazing speeds.

Accepts crypto. Stay off the radar at all times. NordVPN accepts BTC, ETH, and Ripple.

The price. While not the cheapest VPN on the market, NordVPN more than makes up for it with the amount of extra features, customization, and trustworthiness you get. Luckily, the service is currently having a huge sale. Get an incredible 69% discount here!

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