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Ledger launches NFT marketplace and services platform for Web3

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Hardware cryptocurrency wallet maker Ledger this week announced the launch of several initiatives including, for example, the Ledger Market for NFTs and enterprise-focused Web 3.0 service platforms.

As the announcement highlights, the company’s NFT marketplace is focused on user safety and transparency. According to the company’s CEO, Pascal Gauthier, the solution will eliminate the problems that arose with the innovation, protecting merchants from fraud.

Also according to the announcement, the Ledger Market is the result of partnerships with brands such as LVMH’s Tag Heuer. The first collections available on the market will be Deadphellaz, Brick/Babylon and RTFKT.

Other Ledger initiatives

In addition to the NFT market, Ledger also announced a set of other products focused on Web 3.0 education and security.

Among others, the company launched Ledger Enterprise Create, a platform where companies can scale their Web3 projects. Thus, they can safely migrate to the NFT space.

“What we want to do at Ledger is accompany creators and brands along their NFT journey and ensure the entire process from NFT minting to distribution in production,” said Gauthier.

According to Gauthier, Ledger has 2 million daily active users. In addition, the company protects more than 20% of digital assets across the board with its technology.

Ledger Quest and Ledger Academy

With a focus on user education, Ledger also launched Ledger Quest. It is a game focused on learning how to earn with NFT rewards.

The company also launched the Ledger Academy, an educational platform for users to broaden their understanding of blockchain technology and security.

As the company highlighted, these announcements come amid growing concern about the security of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general. That’s because 3 billion dollars was stolen in 2021 by hackers and scammers.

The company noted that it protects 45 of the top 100 transactions on OpenSea, as well as 40% of Bored Apes and the top NFT communities and billions in assets through its Enterprise business.

“Now available in over 9 languages ​​and being distributed worldwide, Ledger’s mission is more important today than ever before, providing users and creators with the most secure tools on Web3 in an environment where users increasingly face challenges using Web2 technology to secure the value of Web3,” said Ledger.

Gauthier pointed out that while the world is focused on the bear market and who will survive, Ledger is building and preparing for the next wave of cryptocurrency adoption.

“We believe in the value revolution and we encourage you to join us in this undeniable future,” he said.

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