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Light Crude Oil Specs

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A broad diversity of benchmark petroleum all over the world is taken as light petroleum. One of the outstanding types in North America region is the west Texas intermediate. It is known to hold an API gravity of 39.6 degrees. It is the way of citing it at the time the prices of oil are being quoted. The usually cited benchmark oil which is gotten from the Europe and the rest of the world is the Brent crude.

The API of the brent crude oil is 38.06 degrees. The difference between the west Texas intermediate in terms of API gravity is 1.03 degrees. This makes west Texas intermediate better than the brent crude. The third most preferred benchmark is Dubai crude. It has an API gravity of 31 degrees. It is regarded to the Asian touchstones, but it is not the case if it is refined in United States of America.

The biggest oil field which has oil producing wells located in Saudi Arabia manufactures light petroleum which varies from 33 degrees of API to 40 degrees of API. That is a difference of 7 degrees of API gravity. The name of this oil field is referred to as Ghawar.

In Africa, there are also countries that produce light petroleum. One of the notable countries in Africa that produces light petroleum is known as Nigeria. The grade that is widely abundant and largely produced is bonny light crude oil. It can be shortened as BLCO.

To summarize this article, I will not fail to admit that light crude is the best type of crude for use. But as the reserves of light petroleum contains to deplete worldwide, the leaves the question as to what the world would do without the light petroleum. It is a task for the scientists to discover the alternative form of energy to substitute for the light crude oil.

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