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Lionel Messi to Debut NFT Collection on Ethernity Chain

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Lionel Messi to Debut NFT Collection on Ethernity Chain

Legendary Argentinian soccer forward Lionel Messi has announced the upcoming release of his first non-fungible token (NFT) collection. 

Barcelona and Argentine soccer great Lionel Messi is getting into the NFT game with a new collection honoring his career. Via a partnership with blockchain platform Ethernity, the project, known as “The Messiverse” will allow fans to invest digitally in their favorite player. 

Messi, who just signed a five-year contract with FC Barca, collaborated with Australian digital artist Bosslogic to create The Messiverse collection of NFTs. Bosslogic previously worked with Marvel’s Avengers franchise. The set will be available to buy starting on Aug 20 on Ethernity’s website and will feature three different NFTs.

Bosslogic said in a release that “The collection is a set of pieces outlining achievements, moments, team love, and future accomplishments focusing mainly on the man himself.”

The Messiverse Collection

The collection contains three unique NFTs designed by Bosslogic which fans and collectors can purchase. The first NFT is called “Man From the Future,” and features Messi in an Iron Man-Esque bionic suit with metal shoulder pads and blue neon lights. The artist says the inspiration came from the idea of Messi playing soccer in the cyber football leagues of the distant future and has a cyberpunk style to it. 

The second NFT for sale, “Worth the Weight,” has Messi take on the role of the Titan Atlas. In Greek mythology, Atlas’ job was to carry the weight of the entire planet on his back. This piece represents the notion that Messi is so good, he has carried the future of many teams and players on his shoulders. 

The third and final NFT for sale is called “The King Piece” and features Messi surrounded by golden chess pieces. Messi represents the king on the board, the piece that determines the winner and loser of the game. Much like “Worth the Weight,” this NFT suggests that Messi is the king whenever he is on the pitch and, ultimately, the game is in his hands. Messi is shown lifting his sixth Ballon d’Or trophy, a record-breaking achievement. A fourth NFT will be unveiled later in August by Impossible Brief.

Ethernity Chain is also hosting an Alexander Ovechkin NFT collection which highlights the accomplishments of the Russian NHL superstar.

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