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Litecoin Foundation made its own horror movie: Trailer in an article

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Litecoin Foundation helped make a horror movie that is about to be seen soon. The movie also features Johnny Knoxville, whom you can know from the brutal comedy Jackass. The trailer for the film can be found in the article.

Litecoin Foundation made its own horror film

Johnny Knoxville and Alexandra Daddario in the Litecoin Foundation movie

The film is called “We Summon the Darkness”. In addition to the foundation itself, the film has been helped by some well-known cryptocurrency fans, including @CommonEnemyInc, who has already been nominated for an Oscar.Movie Mudbound was nominee in 2018.

As described on Apple’s iTunes, it is a film about three friends who set out on a journey and get into a cross with a satanic people. This is not a unique film miracle, but investment in the film industry may pay off at a time of flooded streaming services. Koronavirus radically increased their attendance.

Video Trailer:

The film was presented on Apple’s iTunes on April 10 and has been seen by thousands of people. This is a unique way of advertising that can pay off to the foundation. Since 2017, Litecoin has been struggling with a lack of funds.

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