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BTC is becoming mainstream. Management companies and institutions already hold 6% of BTC

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According to the Buy BTC Worldwide analysis, management companies and private institutional investors already control approximately 6% of all Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation. This underlines the emergence of a new phenomenon of mainstream adoption BTC for “big players”.

Management companies currently holds 816,379 BTC worth about $ 40.1 billion – about 4% of mined BTC. They are “in the hands” of 14 different BTC funds, of which they are the largest Grayscale BTC trust, which owns more than 3% of all Bitcoin (654,600 BTC) and Coinshares with a share of 0.23% of circulating BTC (48,466 BTC).

Approximately 1% of all BTCs are controlled by publicly traded companies. Up to half of them are held by Michael Saylor’s company Microstrategy, which, with its latest investment in BTC for $ 177 million, increased the number of BTC held to already BTC 108,992 (around $ 5.3 billion).

Tesla owns about 20% of the Bitcoin held by public companies – 42,902 BTC ($ 2.1 billion). The list in this category includes, for example, the company Square, which was founded by the big BTC bull Jack Dorsey.

Other important holders of BTC are private companies – according to the study, they have 174,068 BTC under control (0.83% of BTC in circulation) with a current market value of around $ 8.5 billion. The largest portion of BTC in this category is owned by, which “sits” at 140,000 BTC.

Another 260,000 BTC are associated with hand holding governments or governmental institutions. It could also be Bitcoin that have been confiscated by hackers. The Bulgarians reportedly have up to 213,000 BTC and tens of thousands are associated with Ukraine.

Limited offer reduced by non-refundable losses

It should be remembered that there will be only 21 million Bitcoins. Of this, 18.7 million BTC is already in circulation. The most significant part of not yet mined BTC will come into circulation in the next two decades. It should be emphasized that, according to analytical estimates, up to 3-4 million BTCs have been lost, which are irretrievably gone. Their owners have lost their private keys, which means that their future transactions are unrealistic. As a result, BTC’s overall offer is actually even smaller. If you ask how it is possible to lose such an amount of BTC, the answer is relatively simple – it was mostly Bitcoin, which originated in the early years of the existence of this cryptocurrency, when it had virtually no market price. As a result, the safe storage of accesses to them was significantly neglected.

The small supply of Bitcoin, combined with its clearly defined and steadily declining inflation, support the assumption that, in the long run, the price of BTC could still go up.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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