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Marsis Makes NFTs Launches, DeFi Staking Easy

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Marsis Makes NFTs Launches, DeFi Staking Easy

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) are a class of digital assets that has created an entirely new ecosystem. Unlike popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC that have equal value among themselves. NFTs are unique in that they are not fungible and cannot be exchanged for an equivalent asset. 

Additionally, tokenizing any asset to an NFT has transformed its potentials, allowing anyone to create a digital version of physical and intellectual property. Therefore, it is no surprise that many have jumped on the train, with record sales recorded in 2021. 

Marsis is a blockchain platform that enables anyone to create and sell their NFTs and stake tokens within its Decentralised Finance (DeFi) pools. 

How Marsis works

Marsis is a decentralized NFT evaluation platform that provides a holistic environment for NFT creation and DeFi staking features. It is built to address some of the problems facing the current NFT and DeFi environment. 

By deploying a combination of Decentralised Automation Organisation(DAO), NFT, and DeFi features, Marsis is able to create an extensive ecosystem. Anyone can directly launch their NFTs and list them for community members to vote on and earn from their digital property. 

Marsis is also built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which means that users can leverage the low transaction fees and quick confirmations to mint NFTs and stake on supported pools. 

Additionally, its smart contract is thoroughly audited to ensure that it is up to the latest standards. Being deployed on the Binance Smart Chain.

Building a community-based NFT evaluation mechanism 

The current NFT system faces the problem of an accurate evaluation system that sets the value of NFT assets. Marsis, as the first-ever NFT evaluation platform, has proposed an efficient consensual system that addresses this problem. This is by allowing the market to determine the value of an NFT, based on a decentralized and transparent mechanism. 

Marsis has introduced a unique voting concept to achieve its goal, where users can vote for their most favored NFT assets. The NFT assets are rated based on the number of votes allocated and guarantees the asset’s underlying value. 

This method allows the community to determine the final value of an NFT asset and ensure that the market is not underpriced or overpriced. The voting process will also be the layer for other NFT features on Marsis since voters will stake their votes to earn rewards. 

Marsis will also serve as a portal for users to create and list NFTs and digital collectibles on its NFT marketplace. A synthetic trading platform will enable anyone to access traditional assets like stocks that have been tokenized on its blockchain. 

The advantage of synthetic assets is that the threshold for investing is lower, and investors can hold fractional amounts of assets based on their finances. Investors can also get fractionalized percentages of expensive NFT assets on Marsis. The platform intends to widen investment choices and reduce the entry threshold for NFT lovers. 

Unique NFT metaverse 

Marsis creates a unique ecosystem for anyone to take part in different activities and access NFT features. Like any other NFT-based platform, users can interact with the Marsis ecosystem in different capabilities. 

Spacewalkers are the average crypto lover that just wants to explore the features on Marsis without any major commitment. Spacewalkers can earn by voting using the SIS tokens on NFT assets for rewards. Residents are NFTs enthusiasts that use Marsis to create NFTs and crypto collectibles.

They earn from different ways and are the bedrock of the Marsis ecosystem. Guests are creators that list their NFT collections on the NFT marketplace and wait for them to be voted for valuation. 

Decentralized finance products 

Marsis also supports DeFi products like vote staking, yield farming, and pool mining. NFT enthusiasts can leverage the opportunities available to increase their portfolios. Users have three major options to stake SIS: the dual pool, consensus pool, and Decentralised Exchange (DEX) pool. 

The DEX pool provides an easy way for users to stake their liquidity tokens into the supported pool and earn interests. Stakers can stake their tokens on popular Binance Smart Chain DEX PancakeSwap or stake directly on Marsis.

Get SIS- >Stake SIS-BNB pair tokens to PancakeSwap -> Get LP token -> Stake it to the Marsis Dex Pool.

The Consensus Pool is a self-generated pool that allows spacewalkers to earn for voting on NFT assets. The pool automatically locks votes staked and sends them to an automated mining system which generates rewards for voters.


Marsis is a game-changing platform that has addressed the prevalent issues in the NFT sphere. Its integration of a decentralized voting system is unique and could be adopted by other NFT-based platforms. The DeFi pools also bring added earning opportunities for users to increase their portfolios. Safe, secure, and decentralized, Marsis is the next-generation blockchain ecosystem. 

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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