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Marsis: The Blockchain Trilogy — NFT, DeFi, DAO

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Marsis: The Blockchain Trilogy — NFT, DeFi, DAO

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has thrived the market by storm in 2020, with all the latest developments taking place. DeFi is by far the technology of the century, enabling peer-to-peer payments and limitless access to financial services with very low costs. DeFi also provides unique investment opportunities as part of it being the preferred payment infrastructure for blockchain systems.

Following this trend, in 2021, there is a boom in non-fungible token marketplace. NFTs are the new art, and digital marketplaces are the new art auctioneers. When the NFTs arrived in the market, many innovative individuals made a fantastic mark on the digital space. Moreover, by the end of 2020, the market capitalization of transactions globally involving a NFT reached $388 million.

Marsis brings both of these technologies together. It is a decentralized, DAO-driven, NFT platform that pioneers NFT evaluations. The platform also supports an NFT marketplace and NFT fragmentation. All-in-all, the Marsis protocol enables users to vote on NFTs on the platform and evaluate their market value. In addition, the voted NFT can participate in DeFi, with the more votes an NFT gets the stranger its mining capabilities.

Marsis: A 3-in-1 Platform Integrating NFT X DEFI X DAO

Marsis is a 3-in-1 platform that integrates NFT, DeFi, and DAO together. The platform has already closed a $1 million seed financing led by Sapling Insight. Other institutional investors include Chain Capital, Redline Capital, Jove Capital, R8 Capital, Kryptos, 7 O’clock Capital, Legendland Capital, SVC, and Chronos Capital. The funding would be used to explore its technology and offer Marsis to further capitalize on its position as a pioneering role in NFT evaluation platforms.

Recently, on May 25, 2021 Marsis revealed that its $SIS token is now listed on PancakeSwap. However, PancakeSwap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Of note, BSC offers faster and cheaper transactions than most other Layer 1 platforms, like ETH. Also, with a PancakeSwap initial dex offering (IDO), Marsis gains added exposure to the crypto space.

Meanwhile, Marsis has developed a solid blueprint of its novel platform. Let’s take a look at the creative features Marsis offers:


Marsis platform implements DAO concept to create a decentralized, self-governed NFT space. However, holders of SIS, the native utility token, deploys the DAO essence and reach transparency as well as maximize profits.

The community is motivated by offering incentives in the form of SIS tokens. However, encouraging them to work towards a unified goal. By giving out consensual votes, users popularize and create the asset evaluation of NFTs.

All-rounded NFT Marketplace

Providing the most comprehensive NFT trading information, Marsis reduces the cost of NFT creation, diminishes arbitration, cost, and friction, in addition offers a secured, stable and NFT trading experience.

The prevalent momentum in NFT asset trading has brought crypto traders into the space. However, a rising number of mature and experienced creators from the traditional markets show a solid tendency to publish art pieces, collectibles, and other relics in NFTs.

NFT Fragmentation

Fractionalizing NFTs expands the investment markets, increases investing types, reduces the entrance threshold, and slowly offers the best solution to improve NFT liquidity.

By offering the fractionalization of NFT assets, investors can receive easier entry access to the platform. Moreover, through purchasing fractional ownership of NFT tokens and participating in micro-investment, anyone can be an NFT owner in no time.

Voting Protocol

Creating a consensual NFT market price, users help in explaining the NFT market price by staking SIS tokens and provide out votes. Moreover, the ultimate aggregated results produced by Marsis will offer to form an industrial consensus mechanism.

Marsis believes that, by far, the majority of the NFT assets face a similar dilemma at the early stage lacking a great approach to prompt the subsequent growth. Therefore, upon the principle of the logistic equation, a voting drive/actuated consensus procedure is introduced to help NFT assets realize an S-shaped growth.

Triple Pools

The triple pools are the reward generated, while stakeholders benefit in another way across platform activities. Marsis have finalized the two NFT consensus pools, the Dividend pool, and the DEX pool. More so, the SIS token serves as a gateway to access platform-related activities and gain incentives and rewards.

Synthetic Asset

Accommodating the imaginary potentiality of the Synthetic Asset, Marsis offers asset richness and meets the public demand.

Breaking down investment barriers, Marsis will provide the NFT showroom, listing out the recent NFTs and crypto-collectibles and enabling peer-to-peer activities while exactly synthesizing the traditional assets in an NFT state.

Vision of Marsis

Marsis ideology revolves around the Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).  Moreover, Marsis could be the most accessible place in the crypto market, nurturing more NFT-related features like lending, fragmentation, and hosting. The platform is an open-source blockchain protocol in which the participants can evaluate themselves, however, Marsis fuses this with its NFT and DeFi elements.

The platform is free to use for users, but voting and NFT trading needs a certain amount of fees.  Uploading the NFT assets to the Marsis platform is possible. Once the NFT assets are available, platform users may show recognition by topping up their votes. Marsis utilizes these features into the restaurant and tripadvisor features. Based on users reviews and comments, the best tripadvisor for online booking could be examined through its NFT and DeFi features. In addition, the Marsis users who leave valid comments will also be credited. The same could be implemented on selecting the best restaurants. Added to this, participating in crowd-review, will help create the industrial consensus slowly, in return they enjoy best-rated tripadvisory and first-class restaurants.

Two Different Roles Can Do, Achieve, and Earn on Marsis

The ever-growing Marsis consists of two common circulating mediums, they are SIS tickets and votes. However, taking these into account, users will be able to participate in various activities. Users can be considered as a spacewalker, resident, or guest. Added to this, Dual-role is another feature, in which users can gain rewards with tokens just by participating. Also, users can experience a lot of fun here by auto-engaging relevant investing-affiliated campaigns and gaining rewards with SIS tokens by staying as a participant.


On Marsis, users can choose to be spacewalkers. With this option, they can move freely on the Marsis NFT planet. Users can view and vote for the NFT that catches their attention.


Marsis is a platform on which any users can show off their talents such as fine art, digital art, music, or beyond. Moreover, the participant will be ranked based on users’ votes. This is perhaps beneficial for both participants as well as Marsis.

Notably, users no need to trade on Marsis to earn tokens. The platform will reward the deserved users for their extraordinary accomplishments. This shows that users earn with the voted NFT asset.

Marsis Staking Methods

Marsis consists of triple pool features that offer many rewards to all stakeholders. Notably, the dual pools are consensus pool, and DEX pool, both provide a pleasing staking experience.

DEX Pool

The staking process is same like many liquity platform. The Liquidity Providers (LP) are only needed to stake liquidity tokens into pools on Marsis. Moreover, the SIS/BNB pair token is needed. This pool provides 5% commission that is provided pro-rata to all LPs in the pool at the moment of the trade.

In addition to earning fees, Marsis also enables liquidity providers to sell, transfer, or otherwise use their liquidity tokens in any. In addition, users can stake token pairs on PancakeSwap and get LP to farm in Marsis DEX Pool to get SIS as rewards.

Consensus Pool

In order to stake in the self-generated pools, Spacewalkers vote. However, providing votes to the ideal NFT pieces, spacewalkers stake and lock votes. This enables the voted NFT pieces powered by the mining characters, auto-enter the activities of mining, and generate rewards.


Marsis offers a fantastic marketplace where users can pass thousands of unique, specially-developed collectors items that users can own exclusively. These items can be purchased directly without any third-party involvement to validate users’ transactions. This ever-growing platform allows users to vote for their most preferred item to be made available for purchase, and for the marketplace to take their vote and act on it.

Notably, Marsis not only nurtures NFT, DeFi, and DAO-related features, but it also fuses them together. This makes the network generate more earning, proliferate mass adoption, and collectively construct an impartial and value-driven approach in the long run. With the upcoming innovation and developments within Marsis, helps the platform to reach great heights, enabling most of the century’s biggest inventions.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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