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The mayor of Missouri wants to give people $ 1,000 in Bitcoin

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The Mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, said in a recent interview that he proposed to provide locals with up to $ 1,000 in Bitcoin. What did the other American mayor say?

Mayor and bitcoins

Mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, Jayson Stewart, in a recent interview with the local news server St. Louis KSDK he said he wanted every single household in town to receive a portion of BTC.

Stewart said he would use funds from government packages to help cover the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, as well as generous donors, to launch the project. Jayson Stewart has not yet specified how many bitcoins the city will be able to redistribute to each citizen.

In an interview with KSDK, he said that the amount for residents of the city should climb to a maximum of 1,000 US dollars. In total, residents would receive approximately $ 1.5 million, equivalent to more than 30 BTC.

The mayor of Cool Valley also suggested that the BTCs provided should be feasted by residents for more than five years. He said:

“My number one concern is that someone will just sell their stake in BTC to pay for a car, and then when BTC is worth $ 500,000 after all these years, they will really regret it. However, I believe that this is basically the best way to meet everyone’s basic needs – to get BTC into the hands of the people who can use it the most. “


The mayor of Missouri is not the only mayor in the United States who is a strong supporter of BTC. For example, the mayor of Miami wants to attract miners to the city, hold large cryptocurrency conferences and create a city MiamiCoin token.

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