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Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

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Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

The first dApp built on Cardano, Revuto gives you control of your subscriptions, leveraging recurring payments with REVU tokens and more DeFi services.

In few words, Revuto is an intuitive single-piece dashboard subscription management service thought out to save customers’ time, energy, and money. Revuto users can completely redefine the subscription management experience.

Are you tired of increasingly paying for subscriptions you either don’t use or underutilize? pay for Netflix or Spotify’s service only for the months you actually use it. If you suspect a subscription is stealing your money, block it in seconds without the need of unsubscribing.

Stake REVU to your subscription payments and forget about individually managing subscriptions. You pay for just one subscription and get the others via password swapping.

Going live in June 2021, get ready for Revuto!

No More Unnecessary Payments

From June onwards consumers can pay only for what they actually use. No more hidden extra charges. The Revuto app will allow you to:

  • Approve (pay),
  • Block (you don’t pay for this month, but can activate it next month), or
  • Snooze (postpone) any subscription payment each month, in seconds

Download the Revuto dApp for free, and start paying only a 4-7% protection fee for those subscriptions you approve to pay (five max).

Revuto is ideal for typical consumers (subscribed to typical entertainment, education, and other services).

For the more sophisticated prosumers or freelancers there is Revuto Pro: designed for business owners, pay a small membership fee if you are planning to have 15 subscriptions or above.

Basically, Revuto has no competition, there are no other subscription managers that combine tracking and actual control at the same time.

With Revuto you can manage your subscription economy, with features designed to fully control free trials, hidden fees, and auto-renewals.

Moreover, Revuto also allows you to manage your password sharing and swapping, for instance, you can swap your Netflix password with a friend and get HBO GO in return.

Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

Getting Started

Once you downloaded the mobile app and added your subscriptions – Ravuto creates VDCs (Virtual Debit Cards) associated with each subscription, for you to manage among three options: Block/Snooze/Approve each one individually.

Ravuto is the only App on the market with the ability to schedule different automated responses to different subscription payments you may need to do monthly.

The fact that Ravuto had 1 Million signups in 14 days due to word of mouth expansion, cero marketing, explains the value and potential of this platform for itself.

Ravuto is free, simple, and gives you control over all recurring payments.

Why Should Crypto Investors Pay Attention to Revuto?

After a remarkable fundraise of 1.7m USD at its first private round with 1m signups for Revuto, the second public sale of the 1st native token on Cardano will be offered from May 18th at:

One million sign-ups in 14 days with cero marketing, via its referral program, is a clear demonstration of the value Ravuto brings to its users.

Revuto is ideal for Crypto Venture Capitals and retail investors, potential distribution partners in the fintech space.

It is like tokenizing your subscriptions, simply stake REVU and forget about subscriptions for life, paying only for those you explicitly approve.

The platform gives consumers a promise of complete safety, never pay again for what you don’t need, and only pay for what you plan on using.

Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

If you are struggling with User Acquisition, join Revuto’s referral program and get thousands of users each day. Enable your users to pay for subscriptions with crypto by partnering with Revuto!

Revuto was founded in 2020 by 3 co-founders: Josipa Majic, consultor for banks and fintech industry, Majic owns a behavioral research company; Vedran Vukman, entrepreneur and active crypto investor and Marko Rukovnic, a former leader of AI/ML at Intuit, focusing on and Quickbooks.

Revuto was born to make the «Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?» dialogue box obsolete.

No doubt, everyone willing to go through the multiple obstacles to unsubscribe is really sure to want it. Revuto’s developers understand and empathize with this misfortune.

Subscriptions management shouldn’t be so time-consuming, the ‘right to unsubscribing’ should be only a click away.

Today’s mainstream internet consumers would much rather subscribe to Spotify or Netflix than purchasing music albums and movies. Subscriptions were implemented to allow these users to test a product/service without fully committing to pay the full price upfront.

However, this ‘by subscription’ rising trend also has its downsides. The known ‘free trials’ with tricky cancelation policies end up in money losses and managing dozens of subscription services each month is too much of a waste of time.

Subscriptions steadily duplicate on a year-to-year basis. Definitely, it became part of everyday life.

Hence Revuto’s opportunity in this ever-growing digital market by subscription is to identify user’s obstacles and frustrations and offer in counterpart a clean and pleasant subscription management experience.

In a nutshell, Revuto is a decentralized mobile application. A simple subscription management dashboard that helps users control their subscription-related expenses.

Who Would Benefit From Revuto?

Revuto targets mid to heavy digital services users with significant subscription-related yearly payments. These customer segments primarily consist of millennials, tech-savvy individuals, early tech adopters, crypto advocates, digital nomads, freelancers, etc.

Also, small to medium-sized businesses needing to simplify their SaaS-related subscriptions are Revuto’s target customers as well.

Revuto’s value proposition is to strengthen the growing subscription market by simplifying the payments process and protecting customers from losing money on hidden fees or mysterious subscription charges, usually for services no longer in use.

How Does Revuto Work?

Revuto developed a decentralized mobile application or dApp that allows its users to approve, block or snooze subscription payments as they appear.

As users pay for their subscriptions via the Revuto dApp, users also earn rewards, receive cash returns, and can benefit from micro-loans in crypto.

This crypto micro-lending program benefits users with liquidity, allowing them to manage their resources, and maintain their key subscriptions secure.

The deployment of the Revuto new dApp in June will consist of two phases. During the first phase, Revuto only supports subscription-related payments, and solely relies on existing payment processors for crypto-to-fiat swaps and fiat transactions.

At this first phase, the Revuto Virtual Debit Cards will be used as the payment engine supporting fiat currencies, REVU tokens, and Cardano-native EURR stablecoin.

During the second phase, Revuto’s product offering will be larger by adding services and support for other regular payments such as utilities, cable and cell phone bills, or gym memberships.

In this second phase, Revuto will also use its own licensed payment processor, in order to further reduce system failure, decrease third-party involvement to reduce risk, and increase profit margins.

Revuto’s REVU Token and The EURR Stablecoin

If users are willing to pay for their subscriptions with crypto, they will have to
download Revuto’s digital wallet and approve automatic (pull) token transfers.

Revuto developed a simple and secure cryptocurrency wallet, that supports all Cardano-based tokens. Of course, it includes REVU and the EURR

The wallet also allows automatic pull payments. The overall objective is to promote and support the use of the Revuto wallet address among users, as the only source for subscription payments.

If users are willing to pay for their subscriptions with crypto, first they need to approve the REVU or EURR stablecoin from their wallet.

As an analogy to better understand, the process described would be like associating a bank credit card as the linked payment method for online purchases or subscriptions.

Once the user does the setup or programs the wallet for regular payments, said wallet will reference the smart contract, allowing the server wallet to allocate the funds (REVU or EURR) from the user’s wallet to specific subscriptions.

REVU token, Revuto’s utility token native to the Cardano blockchain, has two main purposes:

  1. As a governance token for the Revuto ecosystem through staking
  2. As collateral for micro-lending/borrowing on Revuto’s decentralized platform

Using REVU tokens instead of fiat currency saves money. Revuto’s ecosystem is engineered towards sustainability despite any crypto market condition.

Revuto is setting the incentive structures to generate and enlarge the demand for REVU tokens, thus giving users the flexibility to manage and pay for their subscriptions.

After the token’s initial sale, the first wave of REVU tokens will be available directly in the Revuto dApp through the participation of crypto exchanges. The only available trading pair during the token sale will be REVU/ADA.

Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

When the token sale ends, Revuto will work with crypto exchanges towards ensuring more trading pairs against REVU tokens.

With Revuto’s ERC-20 own converter, ERC-2o REVU tokens (wREVU) will be introduced on the ETH network to allow users to trade with other decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap.

Once Revuto’s platform is launched, and REVU tokens are distributed fairly, Revuto plans to introduce token staking and decentralized micro-lending/ borrowing platforms.

Here staking stands for locking up or bonding REVU tokens in a smart contract for a certain period.

There are two main benefits from staking:

  1. Staking smart contracts gives access to unique product benefits and staking rewards
  2. Staking withdraws a volume of tokens off the circuit, preventing volatility and creating constant demand on REVU

The product benefits and rewards obtained from staking, users will need to stake their REVU tokens for 6, 12, or 18 months.

Check Out Micro Lending and Borrowing With REVUTO

REVU token holders are given easy access to liquidity in small loans of EURR stablecoins through Revuto’s decentralized micro-lending and borrowing platform.

Therefore, REVU token holders are allowed to pay their subscription agreements on time without needing to liquidate their REVU holdings.

Through this, users still hold their REVU tokens and also gain staking earnings and rewards despite they may not have cash for subscription payments.

Users that borrow, will get newly minted EURR tokens (Cardano-native stablecoins backed by the Euro), which will later need to be paid back with fixed 20% interest.

When returning the loan, the EURR tokens are traded, and collateral returns to the borrower.

To learn more about Revuto, please click here for more information.

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