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Metaverse The Sandbox starts migration to Polygon

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It has been a year since The Sandbox announced its plans to move to Polygon blockchain. The idea of ​​the change was mainly driven by the high GAS rates on the Ethereum network.

According to the developers, these high fees often made the metaverse untenable for many users. So, to mitigate this problem, The Sandbox chose Polygon as their layer 2 solution.

Back in February of this year, the metaverse company took the first step towards Polygon by moving its SAND staking program. Now The Sandbox is ready to migrate its entire ecosystem to Polygon.

As informed by the company, the first major phase of the broad migration will be with the land. This week, The Sandbox opened a “bridge” page and began encouraging landowners to make the switch.

Migration to Polygon

Migrating land is a simple task and the team has put together a user interface to ease the transition. Additionally, to help cover GAS fees, The Sandbox will also give away free SAND tokens. All landowners in The Sandbox will earn around $10 in SAND tokens per land.

Also as an incentive, the multipliers in the staking program will now be reactivated for landowners.

In the metaverse, owning one or more land gives SAND staking a bonus in calculating payouts. Also, everyone who plans to do something with their land in the ecosystem needs to be on Polygon.

Transaction fees on Polygon are significantly cheaper than on Ethereum, typically less than $0.01. With these reduced rates, The Sandbox plans to make your future land sales better.

The migration of The Sandbox assets, or NFTs, will happen sometime in the near future. The official announcement mentions the “ASSET token” bridge in July, but there are no additional details about the process.

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