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MicroStrategy buys 13,005 more BTC, now holds 105,000 BTC

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Business analytics firm MicroStrategy has acquired 13,005 BTC (BTC), CEO Michael Saylor said in a tweet today. The firm now holds over 105,000 BTC in total as a result.

“MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 13,005 bitcoins for ~$489 million in cash at an average price of ~$37,617 per BTC,” tweeted Saylor, adding: “As of 6/21/21 we #hodl ~105,085 bitcoins acquired for ~$2.741 billion at an average price of ~$26,080 per BTC.”

The move comes after MicroStrategy announced the issue of $400 million in a convertible note earlier this month, with all proceeds set to be reinvested in BTC. The note was oversubscribed by over $100 million, ballooning to a total of $500 million meant for BTC.

BTC spree

92,000 BTC is now held in the custody of a subsidiary company called ‘MacroStrategy LLC.’ As such, the notes will be fully and unconditionally guaranteed on a senior secured basis, with all proceeds meant to be reinvested into BTC.

Founded as a business analytics company, MicroStrategy now lists its BTC purchases as one of two ‘core’ business strategies.

“Acquire and hold BTC, which we view as a dependable store of value supported by a robust, public, open-source architecture untethered to sovereign monetary policy,” the company says, as per a press release today.

Meanwhile, the BTC buying spree isn’t finished yet. As CryptoSlate reported earlier this month, MicroStrategy is interested in selling over $1 billion of stock and using the proceeds for ‘general purposes’—one of which could include buying even more BTC.

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