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Monero price prediction 2022 – 2026

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Cryptocurrencies have become a major paradigm for some users, which could lead to interference and loss. Traders and investors are therefore always looking for price predictions prepared down to the smallest detail. Today we will discuss what the long-term Monero price prediction and look at the prospects of XMR coin trading.

What is Monero

In 2014, a new digital asset was created as a result of the hard foreclosure implemented in the chain Bytecoin. At the very beginning, Monero had a more complex name – BitMonero. A few days later, however, the team opened a wallet interface and hacker-resistant code and persuaded the community to adopt a more user-friendly name for the coin – Monero.

Monero is a cryptocurrency and decentralized blockchain ecosystem powered by the RandomX protocol. Cryptocurrency Monero uses four keys to perform anonymous transactions: private view key, public view key, private spend key, and public spend key. Using these keys and the so-called ring signatures allows you to hide the addresses of senders and recipients, as well as the balances of their addresses.

The number of newly created coins is not limited and the block size changes dynamically depending on the network load. When choosing the name of their coin, the developers were inspired by the international language Esperanto.

Thanks to circular signatures and hidden addresses, Monero is an anonymous cryptocurrency. A circular signature is an anonymous digital signature that does not reveal who signed the transaction. These signatures are generated on the Monero platform by a combination of sender keys and blockchain public keys.

Hidden addresses are random addresses generated during each single-use transaction. They hide the destination address of the transaction along with the identity of the recipient. Ring confindetal transactions (RingCT) also hide the transaction amount; this feature was introduced in January 2017 as a requirement for all transactions made in the Monero network.


Monero uses the proof of work algorithm, RandomX, to verify transactions. The method was introduced in November 2019 to replace the earlier CryptoNightR algorithm. Both algorithms have been designed to be resistant to mining ASIC which are commonly used to mine other cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

Monero can be mined efficiently on consumer hardware such as x86, x86-64, ARM and GPUs, a decision that was based on the opposition of the Monero project against the centralization of mining created by mining ASIC. In October 2021, the Monero project introduced P2Pool, mining pool running on sidechainwhich gives participants full control over their node as in solo mining configurations.

Monero price predictions from experts

Recently, Monero has established itself purely on the basis of its unique features and attributes, which have huge benefits for investors. In order to exploit the optimal potential, experts around the world and avid investors recommend that this cryptocurrency be evaluated mainly due to the expectation of price escalation. Unlike cryptocurrencies, Monero’s price is not so volatile in the trend.

There are many cryptocurrency experts who believe that Monero has huge potential and is the most powerful cryptocurrency ever. Let’s take a close look at expert analyzes:

The maximum price expected in 2026 is $ 1,317.02.

Price Prediction

According to the price prediction, the Monero XMR could triple its value within six years, say by 2026 it should have a price of around 780 to 800 USD.


Monero, regardless of its adoption, will tend to end by 2024 at best $ 288.

Based on a logic algorithm and prediction, the price of XMR could reach $ 392.99126 by the end of 2022.

Gov Capital

The near future is clear for Monero. It can exceed approximately 100%, with a price of $ 467.7975 per coin by 2025.

Crypto Ground

Consolidation trends point to the fact that there is hope for Monero and show that it can go higher.


According to forecasts, the price of Monero (XMR) can be up to about 295.85 USD and up to 344.82 USD in 1 year and 3 years, respectively.

Digital Coin Price

We expect the price of Monero to reach approximately $ 900 by 2023 and to rise to $ 1,397 by 2025, according to our own research.


By the end of December 2022, Monero should easily be around $ 198,945.

According to our own research, Monero shows a long-term increase in trends. The future price of Monero (XMR) will be $ 760,992 by the end of 2025.

Wallet Investor

According to price forecasts, Monero (XMR) has a promising near future. It may be marginally affected, but the bulls will return, and around 2024 its future price could shoot up to $ 510.

According to price forecasts, Monero (XMR) could reach $ 336.25 by the end of 2022 and $ 429 by 2023.


Monero price prediction

Monero price prediction 2022

According to the price prediction for 2022, there is a certain possibility that the price will reach a peak. Given a series of sequential peaks and troughs, cryptocurrency prices continue to suggest only a positive trend, affecting the $ 252 threshold in the short term. Based on the price forecast for 2022, Monero’s maximum price in 2022 can reach up to $ 280.

Monero price prediction 2023

When studying shorter and longer price trends, Monero normally descends from its journey every few years. So in the future, it is highly likely that the end of 2022 or 2023 may not be so great for Monero in terms of price escalation. According to price forecasts, the eventuality that Monero will suffer a loss, but only a small one, will fall again to 340 USD. However, this remains a pessimistic scenario and some experts disagree.

Monero price prediction 2024

As the bulls rule the crypto market again, Monero is expected to rise to $ 410. This is equivalent to what was predicted at the end of 2021, which shows that the price of XMR has the full potential not only to maintain but to grow steadily even under adverse conditions. In the first half, the price will reach $ 320, which will be almost double the current price.

Monero price prediction 2025

According to technical analysis and Monero price forecasts, Monero is expected to exceed $ 360. Mainly because this year some major factors are not expected to shake the roots of the world’s economies and most of the damage will be on the way to repair in all the world’s economies. With mass adoption, the price of XMR is estimated to reach around $ 500 by the end of 2025.

Monero price prediction 2026

In 2026, we could see XMR prices hovering around $ 600. Cryptocurrency experts have analyzed Monero’s prices and their fluctuations over the years. It is estimated that in 2026, the maximum price could reach $ 688.13. The average price will be around 599.54 USD.

Monero price prediction 2030

Cryptocurrency experts are constantly analyzing Monero’s fluctuations. Based on their forecasts, the estimated average price of XMR in 2030 will be around $ 1,229.29. It may fall to a low of $ 1,186.16, but it could peak at $ 1,482.93.


There is great hope that XMR will continue to grow. Most cryptanalysts provide optimistic predictions about the price of Monero based on the fundamentals and past successes of the coin. Thanks to reliable technology, significant market capitalization and positive dynamics, XMR has every chance to become one of the most traded cryptocurrencies.

With regulated world economies heading for a recession, there is no doubt that digital currencies will be an important part of the financial system. Monero will certainly be one of the most important kings of this wilderness, especially since it has stood the test of time and investors have also found the reliability factor embedded in this token.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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