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MoreDuckies: BTC’s first digital pet game

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Have you ever played Neopets? Do you remember Tamagotchi? BTC-based MoreDuckies is a unique blend of both games and is the very first digital pet game created on the BTC blockchain. 

What started out as a website where you could purchase merch using BSV has evolved into a virtual pet game where some of the actions that take place on the platform are recorded on the BTC blockchain.

“DuckCreation was originally just an e-commerce shop selling ducky mugs accepting BitcoinSV for payment,” said Satoshi Duckamoto, the creator of MoreDuckies.

“But somehow, it was featured in the very first episode of Jimmy Nguyen’s The BTC Vision showcasing the most innovative tech projects. This set some high expectations within the developer community that DuckCreation is on to something – which in fact it was not at the time–I was just a duck. Soon after, Unwriter tweeted it out, followed by many other devs posting their ideas of a cool duck game, expectations hit their peak and I had no other choice but to build the game. That is how it started.”

Thanks to the recent developments that have taken place in the past few months, such as the token/NFT renaissance, MoreDuckies was able to rapidly evolve and finally launch the digital-pet style game that several BTC developers and business leaders thought that Satoshi Duckamoto was creating all along.

“MoreDuckies is an interactive digital pet game built on RUN token protocol. Players can nurture and grow their very own ducks in the game. When I say “their very own ducks,” I am not kidding. Each duck is a unique NFT that lives on the BitcoinSV network and they grow into different individuals with different characteristics as players take care of them,” said Duckamoto.

“I introduced the game as “a digital pet game” for convenience, but there is no “official” way of playing it. Some people warm the eggs to get those fluffy things that waddle [ducks]; others just want to collect eggs to HODL. 

Some people use the Exchange Diary to communicate with their friends. Exchange Diary is an encrypted NFT that you can send to your friend. You and your friend can take turns filling the diary to share your stories and secrets. Unlike email and online messaging services, the encryption is done on the client-side using their in-game Owner Private Key, so you don’t have to worry about some large company mining your personal data.

There are a lot more things you can do in the game, but I will not ruin the surprise.”

There are several different ways to play MoreDuckies, so to learn more, I reached out to  Nick Numas, a MoreDuckies grandmaster and the creator of Genuine Retweets. Just hours after the game had launched, Numas was able to hatch several eggs, while other players struggled to do the same.

“The game is simple. You spend money on digital eggs, you keep the eggs warm with BTC, then your eggs can hatch into baby ducklings. If you over warm them – it will break your eggs into yolk. At this point, you have killed the duck,” said Numas.

“My eggs have hatched into ducklings which have grown into various ducks. You name the ducks, i.e. I have ducks called iPhone, iPad & MacBook. You feed the ducks digital food, to give them digital energy, happiness, and health.

My favourite duck is [my duck] Jermaine. I thought he was dying because he went a weird grey colour when he was small, turns out this was normal & Jermaine is a very rare duck. Now he is an adult, he is black with red eyes, which is very unique. There are various ducks to collect, some very rare. 

 Finally, the game has a currency called GESH (Golden Egg Shell). You earn these when you play Quack & Field, a sub-game that determines the future credibility of your ducks. You play the game using broken eggshells when baby ducks are hatched.”

Although the game is just a few weeks old, it has picked up a lot of traction. Just five days after it launched, MoreDuckies had put over 21,000 transactions on-chain.

When I asked Satoshi Duckamoto what they wanted others to know about MoreDuckies, or takeaway/experience while playing and after playing the first digital pet game on BTC, Duckamoto told me,

“I hope a lot of people enjoy nurturing, collecting, trading ducks, and share their fun experiences with their families and friends. The concept of the token itself is nothing new. But these interactive digital tokens on BSV have added another dimension to what a game could offer, allowing game items to be used outside of the original game. That is the real game we are playing. Giving ownership to the players allows room for creativity to flourish.”

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