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Most underestimate the FOMO, which appears above $ 65,000! Justin Bennett and $ 200,000 for BTC

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Most underestimate the FOMO, which appears above $ 65,000! Justin Bennett and $ 200,000 for BTC

Popular cryptanalyst says Bitcoin and Ether can launch massive rallies by end of 2021 and travel to a respectable height. According to him, most underestimate the FOMO that occurs.

FOMO will push the price into the sky

Is BTC over the current ATH? Maybe! Will FOMO break out then? This analyst says it will be “heavenly.” Who? Justin Bennett. Why? It is such an analyst theory that He announced to 61,600 followers on Twitter that he expects BTC to start a stunning rally. The price is expected to get well above the six-digit level, but precisely if the leading cryptocurrency breaks its current historical maximum of $ 65,000.

A popular analyst says:

“Most underestimate the level of FOMO (fear of losing something), which will appear above $ 65,000 per BTC. Everyone thought the bull market was over. If not, and BTC gets back $ 65,000, we’ll see a FOMO event like never before. In that case, $ 200,000 before the EOY (end of the year) is a lot on the table. “

200k on the table, Lambo in the barn?

If, when you introduce BTC for $ 200,000, you start scrolling through offers for Lambo and rub your hands, then we must disappoint you. No analyst actually has to hit the price, and even if they do, only a handful will do it, while others will be wrong. So let your plans to buy a luxury yacht or a new sports car cool down and let’s wait for what the end of the year brings.

Although a $ 200,000 BTC is certainly possible and in the realm of possibilities and a FOMO of over $ 65,000 is likely to occur, Bennett himself he says that the path to a new historical maximum will not be easy.

As always, there are no guarantees. BTC also has a lot of work to do to get back to $ 65,000. It will not be easy. By that I mean that I think many still underestimate the potential of the second stage of this bull run.

The analyst also mentions another resistance that BTC must overcome in order to reach the FOMO area. This next key resistance for BTC before the new historical highs, the area is $ 47,000. The last is, of course, $ 65,000. The $ 47,000 flip to support in daily and weekly time frames and the bull run is likely to continue at $ 100,000 +. $ 40,000 in support.


Justin Bennett provides hope and an early dose of FOMO to its followers, but also to those of you who are reading this article. BTC for 200,000! “ETH has been a trader’s dream since July. From reflection of $ 1,700… ” and the analyst predicts up to $ 18,000. It is possible?

These are amounts for which no investor would be angry at the end of the year. Nevertheless, one must remain on the ground and not seek divination in any such prediction. It’s just a pastime, traders sometimes like to make bold predictions and often just to get attention and something happens. And admit that you enjoy it too?

Attention: The article is not a financial board. Do your own research.

All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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