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Multi-Platform Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchange 5ROI Global Launched

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Cryptocurrency exchange 5ROI Global officially launched. It is expected to bring a multi-application cryptocurrency and financial trading platform with a vision of simplification for all types of users.

Cryptocurrencies are creating a whole new financial trend compared to all that the world has been operating before. Transparency, fairness, simplicity, fast, low cost, and high performance are the great factors that cryptocurrencies bring.

These help billions of people have the opportunity to change their own lives. The cryptocurrency exchange is one of the big pieces for the development and operation of this ecosystem.

Although there are numerous major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today, most users still do not have the best access to the crypto-assets market.

There are also plenty of barriers such as complicated transactions, low cryptocurrency liquidity into fiat currency, few opportunities to access potential projects at the early stages, inappropriate trading, and investment programs for local’s specifications.

For this reason, the founding team decided to launch 5ROI Global— a new multi-application cryptocurrency and financial trading platform.

Here 5ROI Global aims to contribute to the development of the global cryptocurrency market in order to optimize user’s experience around the world in accessing this market.

Mr. David Do, CEO of 5ROI Global shared: “Our mission is to bring the world’s leading products and technological solutions into real life in the simplest and most effective way, especially in the field of financial.”

Multi-Platform Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchange 5ROI Global Launched

Simplify the transaction system

5ROI Global’s trading platform is designed to be simple and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use. At the same time, 5ROI Global cooperates with many leading prestigious blockchain partners to provide Stable Coins with a fixed value.

These are pegged to each country’s fiat currency such as the Japanese yen, for the Japanese market, the Indian rupee for India, and the Vietnamese dong for the Vietnamese market. This makes it easy for customers to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat money.

Large liquidity system

By cooperating and connecting liquidity with the world’s leading exchanges, 5ROI Global creates a trading system with the ability to liquidate up to billions of USD per day.

Buying and selling large volumes of crypto assets on the 5ROI system will happen quickly without much difficulty, it only takes a few seconds to match orders to buy and sell millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies without generating price difference compared to the general market.

Besides, the liquidity at 5ROI Global has also reflected in the fact that the exchange supports the most popular tokens, allowing investors to have many trading choices in one platform.

Accounting with blockchain startup projects

Through 5ROI Global, startups can access capital thanks to the form of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Not only calling for capital, but projects also have access to millions of potential customers and partners for their products and services.

With IEO, investors can easily participate in direct investing of tokens first issued by the startup project at 5ROI Global. This creates the possibility of optimal profits proportional to the investment in the development of the project.

Features of 5ROI Global liquidity

  • High liquidity spot & future system
  • Low-interest margin program
  • Coins staking program up to 40% profit per year
  • OTC trading between coins and fiat currency made simple and convenient
  • Diversified support for Stable Coin pegged to each country’s fiat currency
  • Regular AirDrop events from 5ROI Global and partners
  • New customer referral policy up to 50% transaction fees
Multi-Platform Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchange 5ROI Global Launched

About 5ROI Global’s Founders

David Do has over 10 years of experience in business and investment in technology projects in Vietnam and around the world.

He was the CEO of the investment company MIG Holdings (2016 – 2019), co-founder and CSO of Relam Investment Dubai (2017 – 2020).

He is currently the co-founder and CEO of HEAD Capital, a Singapore-based investment company specializing in the investment and development of technology platform projects.

Prominent projects invested by HEAD Capital can be listed as Ola City, 7ECO, BBLink, 7S Hotel, Thegioisi, 7Hit, Bala, Guubook.

For more information, visit

Multi-Platform Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchange 5ROI Global Launched

Besides business activities, David Do is also a judge, investor, and has sponsored and contributed to many contests and technology events. He is a Diamond sponsor for the Future Blockchain Summit 2018, sponsoring the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 event.

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