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Netflix Distributes Love, Death and Robots NFTs

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The series Love, Death & Robots, produced by Netflix, won its third season. And to celebrate the release, the company decided to release NFTs of the series in a very unusual way.

According to the collection profile in OpenSea, the company has made nine special NFTs from the series’ universe available. But Netflix does not intend to sell the tokens; to receive a work, you must find a QR Code and redeem the work.

Love, Death and Robots NFTs

The nine NFTs represent each of the nine episodes of the third season, which are now available on Netflix. So far, three of them have already been revealed and six have yet to be waiting.

To access the NFTs, subscribers to the platform must watch the episodes and check the presence of QR Codes in each one’s scenario. If they find the code, just scan it into their smartphone and they can lie the NFT and add it to their ETH wallet, or download a JPEG image.

This collection was not created for profit, but to promote the series and bring fans closer to the work. Therefore, anyone can lie NFTs for free, paying only the network fees.

In this sense, the collection is another differentiator: they are not exclusive NFTs. That is, anyone can lie to the same image more than once. One of the NFTs for example, has more than 16 thousand users as owners, which reinforces this character of the collection.

Rescue image of the NFTs.  Source: disclosure.

To lie NFT, you will need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the campaign page – a MetaMask, for example. The user must also have enough balance to pay for the network fee.

Then the NFT will be sent to the user’s ETH wallet and can be traded on platforms such as OpenSea. Because it is not scarce, investors are not demanding NFTs for purchase.

Created in 2020, Love, Death & Robots is an animated anthology based on seven to 20-minute episodes. The stories are short and discuss topics ranging from love to science fiction and horror, with remarkable characters. Different animation teams are responsible for creating each of the episodes.

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