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New native token of the MetaMask wallet?

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The popular wallet provider MetaMask is researching token launch and airdrop.

MetaMask examines the use of the token

During his very first community call the MetaMask development team discussed potential plans for a possible token release.

Erik Marks, chief software engineer, said the project was “completely open to the idea of ​​introducing a crypto token.” However, he also added conditions and stated that the team does not want to create a token “which has no use case”.

Since DeFi summer 2020, popular DeFi platforms such as Uniswap and 1Inch have sent a number of tokens to their early fans, and gifts with free tokens for community members have been relatively lucrative for users of these dApps.

This trend has led to speculation that MetaMask, one of DeFi’s most important tools, would also send tokens to its user community. The team has now clarified that it is researching both the token and the airdrop, although it has no immediate plans.

MetaMask is the default wallet for most Ether-based DeFi applications and has more than five million active users per month. In addition to providing the wallet service, MetaMask also provides swaps that allow users to exchange tokens from the wallet.

In addition to the preliminary token issuance plan, the MetaMask team is also developing new features that enable asset transactions across different chains and Layer 2 solutions.

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