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New Samsung chips will reach BTC miners first

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Samsung will start testing 3 nanometer (nm) chips intended for its customers as early as this week. As the company revealed, the first customer to receive the new chips will be MicroBT, a BTC mining company.

The company is one of the main competitors of Bitmain, currently the biggest ASIC maker on the market. According to information from the portal The Elec, Samsung will sell the nanochips or semiconductors to PanSemi.

“The first client of the process will be the Chinese company PanSemi, which manufactures chips used in BTC mining,” the announcement highlighted.

In practice, the arrival of 3nm microprocessors in the hands of MicroBT would allow the company to improve its equipment. In addition, a project that has been managed between the two companies since 2018 would be coming to fruition.

With the project, a new generation of ASIC miners could be hitting the market.

If the chips are less nanometers, then there is likely to be more energy efficiency and better performance when operating. This is because the distance between the electrical transistors would decrease and with that the efficiency of the device would increase.

The new chip could bring a revolution to BTC mining. After all, today the most efficient equipment operates with 5nm semiconductors. Therefore, a new breed of ASIC with 3nm semiconductors could mean almost 50% more efficiency.

ASICs saw their price plummet with the drop in BTC’s price. According to a survey by the Hashrate Index, BTC mining equipment has already dropped by 60% this year.

High-end miners like Bitmain’s S19 Pro (110 TH/s), for example, are priced at an average of $5,500. In January, the value was almost US$ 11,200 for this type of equipment.

For a newer miner like an S19 Pro+ Hyd (198 TH/s), the current price is around $9,900.

By way of comparison, at the beginning of the year, this same equipment was costing close to US$ 20 thousand. That is, it is a price drop of 51.4% in almost seven months.

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