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New supercomputer to pave the way to the Metaverse

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The Facebook parent company Meta continues to conquer the Metaverse. The newly created “Research SuperCluster” (RSC) have. According to Meta, the computer, which works with artificial intelligence (AI), is already one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. There is no doubt for Meta that it will take the top spot when it is fully operational in mid-2022. That self-confidence is gone out of a blog postwhich introduces the hardware.

When RSC is complete, the InfiniBand network fabric will connect 16,000 GPUs as endpoints, making it one of the largest networks of this type deployed to date. In addition, we have developed a caching and storage system that can process training data at speeds of 16 TB/s and we plan to scale it to 1 exabyte

writes Meta.

However, the company has not disclosed where the computer is located and what costs are or were associated with its development and creation. The Decentralized Finance Analyst, Camila Russo, compared Meta’s new machine to the ETH network, already seen by some in the industry as a sort of global “supercomputer.” However, she points out the important difference that Meta is building a private supercomputer to better market users’ data in its Metaverse. ETH, on the other hand, works on a public world computer that allows users to control their data in the metaverse.

Many experts believe that the current computing infrastructure needs to be improved by a thousandfold to enable the Metaverse.

You have to jump to petaflops in less than a millisecond [1000 Teraflops] Computing power can access in less than ten milliseconds for real-time applications

said about the Intel expert Raja Koduri. However, there are also several critical voices that cannot get much out of the Metaverse hype.

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