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News from the world of NFT – Projects CryptoPunks, Loot and more

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NFT. Source: Shutterstock, Vladimir Kazakov

How has the NFT sector changed in the last week? In the first place, strong sales activity was recorded, but large projects managed to maintain their status.


Right at the beginning, we will look at the news of the largest NFT market OpenSea. As this portal has experienced a huge boom in recent times, officials must logically respond with further improvements and updates. After three tokens led by ETH, USDC and DAI, an ERN token from the Ethernity chain is also added.

NFT Loot project

This project has managed to make it into the top three of the ranking of volumes in the last week. Dom Hoffmann is behind this project. What is the uniqueness of this project? It is very important that users only pay gas fees. Within the game, they have the opportunity to get a random selection of so-called adventure equipment. Since the newly created projects can shoot the price really fast, it was no different in this case. The minimum price for one NFT is already at the level of several thousand USD.


News for CryptoPunks

Larva Labs is behind this extremely successful project. It seems that popularity will grow. CryptoPunks is heading to Hollywood. Larva Labs has signed a contract with the United Talent Agency, which incorporates a representation of CryptoPunks in movies, video games and also on TV.

Metamask and Solana are growing mainly due to NFT

There is no doubt that the NFT boom is behind the growth of many companies. One of them is the crypto wallet provider Metamask. Recently, the platform managed to exceed the limit of 10 million active users.

Solana is also having a very successful period. Recently, this project was able to climb into the TOP 7 cryptocurrencies in the ranking of total market capitalization. Currently, up to 36 interesting projects can be seen on this network.



SOL / BUSD 30m TF. Source: TradingView

Thanks to NFT and DeFi, transaction fees in Ethereum network have risen to unprecedented levels

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