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News in case of the biggest theft of cryptocurrencies

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We gave you yesterday reported the largest theft of cryptocurrencies in history. The hacker stole over $ 600 million in various cryptocurrencies on 3 different networks. In one transaction, he published a message at the time. And published another link yesterday.

What actually happened

Poly Network admitted that it had been the victim of a hacking attack in which it lost more than $ 600 million in cryptocurrencies through the Binance Smart Chain, ETH and Polygon networks. They immediately provided addresses where the attacker sent the stolen cryptocurrencies and asked the miners and stock exchanges to block these addresses.

Hacker’s first message

The hacker himself left a message in one transaction yesterday. He mentions in it that the total value of the theft could exceed one billion if he picked up the remaining shitcoins. However, he allegedly does not care about money and thinks that he will even return some tokens. So the question currently remains whether he wants to hide his actions behind the cover of kindness, or whether he really wanted to point out the great weaknesses that this area of ​​cryptocurrencies undoubtedly still has.

News in case of the biggest theft of cryptocurrencies


He sent another message

Poly Network also contacted the attacker, saying that laws in any country would consider the attack a serious economic crime and that the hacker would be prosecuted for it. He was also asked to make contact in order to find a solution, because it is very unwise to make further transactions. These comments seem to have helped because the hacker made another transaction a few hours ago.

In this brief answer, he said he was ready to return the funds. Poly Network again responded quickly to his response by providing all the necessary addresses to which the attacker could send funds back – to ETH, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

News in case of the biggest theft of cryptocurrencies

Happy ending?

It is not yet clear whether the hacker is serious about his words or just playing with the whole crypto-community and gaining much more attention than if he were silent. There are a number of questions on the surface, the most important of which is whether he carried out this attack from the beginning with the aim of repaying the funds, while he wanted to draw such a drastic way to draw attention to the defi sector and its still relatively low security.

However, this hacker has already gained many supporters who even support him. However, if he really puts all his money back, he will be the real hero of this story, and perhaps even more emphasis will be placed on security. We will keep you informed about any news from this case.

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