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NFT Marketplace for K-Pop Collectibles Has Been Revealed

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NFT Marketplace for K-Pop Collectibles Has Been Revealed

South Korean blockchain tech company, XPOP, has recently announced that the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for K-Pop collectibles would be launched at the end of June.

XPOP Project Team is preparing for sizeable content to be registered and distributed on the marketplace through participation by well-known K-pop stars.

By providing a decentralized service, XPOP NFT Marketplace offers a way to verify the originality of content and content ownership of each artist and to ensure security when distributing content on the XPOP blockchain network.

XPOP Parachain is based on Polkadot blockchain, which is a smart contract that can be modified to suit various distribution businesses. The marketplace will be the world’s first service combined with the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem that offers interoperability with different blockchain networks.

This Polkadot-based marketplace will allow the use of various crypto-based and collectable content — such as digital photo cards and illustrations of K-pop artists — in addition to XPOP tokens. Users will be able to safely and conveniently register and trade content on the platform.

XPOP Project has garnered some interests from major blockchain media during the initial phase of its opening. People are now fixated on the value of XPOP token when it becomes listed on prominent crypto exchanges.

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